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by Phil Trudinger

The files described in this article are on the September 1996 CD-ROM (PsL Vol 4, #9) which is currently on the Bulletin Board: all are ZIP files. Please quote the month or Vol/# when ordering files on disk.

The text files, CD1 through 7, in Area 1 of the Bulletin Board are the monthly CD-ROM file lists. Catalogues as EXE files are available on request from the software librarians (see Member Services in Sixteen Bits).

Most CD-ROM programs are Shareware. A reasonable time (gener-ally one month) is allowed for evaluation, but if you continue to use a program beyond this time you should comply with the authorís conditions that usually require payment of a registration fee.

Bear in mind that this is the only way by which an author receives any reward for his/her efforts. All registration fees are US dollars.

New and Updated Windows Programs
Keep In Touch
Sceen Savers
New and Updated DOS Programs
Anti Virus

(An asterisk denotes Windows 95 specificity or compatibility)


FMANJ75* File Manager Jr. for Word 95 7.5 allows you to delete, undelete, move, copy and rename files, all without leaving Word.
You can also open existing files, delete backup files in one or more folders and print files without having to bring them onscreen. (Reg.Fee: $20)

GOW GOW 4.0 calculates PVT properties for gases (Natural gas, Nitrogen and Air) and liquids (Oil, Water, MeOH, MEG, DEG, TEG). More than 12 properties are calculated for each fluid (viscosity, density, bubble point, etc.). (Reg.Fee: $20)

MDW100A+ Membership DataBank for Win-dows 1.00 is a non-profit accounting system that lets users manage informa-tion concerning the financial condition and operating performance of their group or organization. (Reg.Fee: $70)

W95C1* Explore Win95 And Survive 1.0 is an electronic book that presents unbiased information on what Win95 will and will not do. It also provides details on installing, using, tuning, and tweaking, and includes an extensive glossary. (Reg.Fee: $16)


DTMAIL1A DT Mail 16.6.96 is a sophisticated Internet e-mail program that allows you to send, receive and store e-mail messages and files in Windows. Fea-tures include support for MIME attachments; message filtering, for-warding, and redirecting; drag and drop support; send now/later capabilities; and more. (Reg.Fee: $20)

FFAX_N107* FaxMail Network for Windows n5.10 adds faxing capabilities to Win95/NT applications. Features include an auto-print on receive option, background operation, custom cover pages, a fast fax viewer, timed sends, logging of all past and future fax events, and much more. FAX_V510 is the Win3.1 version. (Reg.Fee: $55+)

HTMASC12 HTMASC 1.2 converts pages from the World Wide Web to plain text files, removing all HTML tags. It also provides full text handling capabilities with all the standard features like searching for text, using the Clipboard, printing, bookmarks, and an undo facility. (Reg.Fee: $18)

NSCE_112* Netscape Cache Explorer 1.12 provides easy offline-access to all Web pages that have been cached by Netscape Navigator. Features include full text searching, the ability to extract entire document trees, intelligent domain sorting, and more. Netscape 2.0 or later (32bit) is required, as well as Win95/NT. (Reg.Fee: $20)

WSWAP15 Winsock Swapper 1.5 automates the process of swapping various WINSOCK files for people who use more than one Internet service provider with your default Web Browser. With one double-click, you can swap up to three DLLs and optionally launch your browser. Requires VB40032.DLL (Reg.Fee: $10)


ARASAN32 Arasan Chess for Windows - 32-bit 3.0 allows you to play a relatively strong game of chess against a computer opponent. (Reg.Fee: $0)

DOMINO24 Dominoes For Windows 2.4 allows you to play the popular game of ďSniffĒ against a computer opponent where you drag and drop tiles on the table to score when the ends total a multiple of five. (Reg.Fee: $14.50)

EXL112 Exile: Escape From the Pit 1.12 is a fantasy role-playing game for Windows. You and your band of adventurers can explore 80 dungeons and towns in a huge cave system filled with rejects from the surface world as you try to survive, gain power, and possibly escape. Requires 2 MB RAM and a 256-colour display. (Reg.Fee: $25-$35)

WINBRI WinBridge 1.4 allows you to play Bridge in Windows. The game bids using the Acol system with several options available to select from. Short cut buttons give direct access to several menu items. Paced bidding and play give the feel of playing at a real table. (Reg.Fee: $34)

YTB30* Ancient Yacht for Win95 3.0 is a dice game of luck and strategy similar to Yahtzee but based on the original game of Yacht. An ancient scroll and stone cup sit on a marble table waiting for your play. You click on the cup and it shakes, and spills the dice onto the table where they roll across the table-top with accompanying sound effects. You can play against the computer or a human opponent. (Reg.Fee: $15)


CFTW156A+ Cumberland Family Tree for Windows 1.56 is an easy-to-use genealogy program. It creates unique ďstoryĒ reports which turn dry data into a more readable form. It can track many major events in a personís life including birth, death, education, immigrations, marriages, and divorces. Other features include the ability to attach scanned photos to records, scanned document support, the ability to create an indexed book with 30 different reports, and more. (Reg.Fee: $60)

GENIUS14 Genius for Windows 1.44 is genealogy package for WIN31. Features include support for up to 5000 persons, a 400-word note file for comments, the ability to print formatted data sheets for each individual, and more. This version stops working after 90 days (Reg.Fee: $55 AUD)


DTCAD22* DeltaCad 2.2 is a computer aided design program for Windows. Features include an easy-to-use tabbed dialog interface, context-sensitive help, sample drawings and libraries, support for up to 256 layers per drawing, and much more. This is suitable for everything from drafting and house plans, to business cards and signs. This is a 32-bit application, but Win32s is included for use on 16-bit systems.(Reg.Fee: $50)

GRAFAC The Graphics Factory 1.4 allows you to create beautiful textures, backgrounds, designs, repeatable tiles, landscapes and more in Windows. This uses advanced algorithms and procedures such as noise, turbulence, magnetics, and life to create images. Drawing types include lines, boxes, pixels storm, sphere, fractals and over 30 more. Effects include wave, transparency, jitter, filters, sphere projection and over 40 others. High colour or true colour is recommended. (Reg.Fee: $39)

GIFCON1L GIF Construction Set for Windows 1.0L is a powerful collection of tools to work with multiple-block GIF files. It will allow you to assemble GIF files containing image blocks, plain text blocks, comment blocks and control blocks, and provides facilities to manage palettes and merge multiple GIF files together. Requires a minimum of 4MB RAM, but 8MB is recommended. (Reg.Fee: $20)

NEODRW NeoDraw 2.1 is a powerful vector-based drawing application for Windows that allows you to construct charts, brochures, invitations, catalogs, and other illustration projects quickly and easily. It allows import of bitmap and plotter files, and contains such features as clip art stamp pad, dimensioning, warp shapes, masking, distortable text, align to path, vector splatter, and much more. (Reg.Fee: $50)

Keep in Touch

12MON10 12 Months Screen Calendar 1.00 displays a 12-month calendar on the screen for quick reference. (Reg.Fee: $0)

3DVCP41 Visual Calendar Planner 4.1 is a customizable calendar program that provides scheduling, events, memos and appointments. (Reg.Fee:$30)

ANNIV Anniversary Reminder 1.1 keeps a handy list of recurring annual events and reminds you as the event approaches. (Reg.Fee: $0)

PHONEB95* PhoneB95 2.1 is a unique phone/ address book for Win95/NT. In addition to the usual information you can also enter birthdate and scanned photographs. (Reg.Fee: $15)

ROLO2095* RoloDeck for Win95 2.02 is a powerful electronic name and address database that can print address books, labels, and envelopes. (Reg.Fee: $15)

Screen Savers

ASISAV10 AsiaWinSave 1.0 is a Windows screen saver that animates the countries of Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. This is an interesting way to learn Geography. (Reg.Fee: $15)

BALSAV11 BalloonSaver 1.1 is a WIN31/Win95 screen saver with animated hot-air balloons that float across the screen, blown by the clouds and wind. A password protection option is available. (Reg.Fee: $19-$29)

BIRDSAVE BirdSaver 1.2 is a WIN31/Win95 screen saver with animated swans, parrots, pelicans, cardinals, pheasants and more. A password protection option is available. (Reg.Fee: $19-$29)

BOMBER10 Bombs Away! 1.0 is a slideshow screen saver for Windows with 256- colour digitized photos of jet bombers in action. (Reg.Fee: ($15)

CLOKSAVE ClockSaver 1.2 is a screen saver that displays a bouncing digital clock and tumbling 3D computer-generated objects on your Windows desktop. (Reg.Fee: $29-$39)

FISHSAVE FishSaver 1.2 is a WIN31/Win95 screen saver that features animated swimming tropical fish.(Reg.Fee: $29-39)

JURASSIC JurassicSaver 1.2 is a WIN31/ Win95 screen saver that displays animated dinosaurs on your desktop. A password protection option is available. (Reg.Fee: $29-$39)

SKYDIVE* SkyDive Saver 1.2 is a WIN31/ Win95 screen saver that features animated sky diving (including chutes that donít open). A password protection option is available. (Reg $29-39)

SPACESAV* SpaceSaver 1.2 is a WIN31/Win95 screen saver with photo-realistic astronauts, a spaceshuttle, galaxies, the moon, and more. A password protection option is available. (Reg.Fee: $29-$39)


95BACKUP* 95 System Backup saves important Win95 system files to a floppy disk, network drive or local hard drive. It saves desktop settings, all 32-bit programs, hardware and software settings, and user information. This can save you a lot of time if you must re-install Win95 after a crash. Requires VBRUN400. (Reg.Fee: $20)

CM16_401* ClipMate for Windows 4.01 is a powerful clipboard enhancement tool for WIN31+. It automatically captures all text items that appear on the Clipboard and stores them for later retrieval. Captured text can be easily edited. Other functions available include a thumbnail view, easy pasting, support for most clipboard formats (BMP, Picture, RTF, OLE, and more) concatenate, word find, and magnify. CM32_401 is the Win95 version. (Reg.Fee: $25)

DIALER4 Dialer 4.1 is a name and phone number database and desktop dialing package for Windows. Features include unlimited database entries, last number redial, Comm 1 to 4 configurable, free resources display, stay on top option, and more. (Reg.Fee: $10)

EXESPY95 ExeSpy (32-bit) 4.0 logs and reports the execution of Windows applications. This can inform you if you have missing or altered files after upgrading to Win95. (Reg.Fee: $13)

HYSNP266* HyperSnap 2.66 allows you to capture the desktop, highlighted window areas, or user-defined areas in Win95/NT. Features include hotkey support, cropping facilities, the ability to save images in BMP/GIF/JPEG format, and much more. (Reg.Fee: $25)

KSINK Kitchen Sink 2.20 is a set of desktop utilities for Windows. This includes a program launcher, Notepad replacement, a wallpaper manager, calendar with notes, PKUNZIP shell, audio CD player, graphic viewer, and more. (Reg.Fee: $12)

MORSP95* More Space for Win95 2.3 helps locate and delete file duplicates based on filename or name/date/size. Its output can be sent to printer or clipboard. This is a handy tool to help you free up valuable hard disk space. (Reg.Fee: $20)

SCLIP315* SuperClip 3.15 is a Windows Clipboard viewer that can save all or part of the image on the clipboard to a graphics file in BMP, GIF, or PCX format. Now includes a 32-bit version for Win95/NT. (Reg.Fee: $39)

TNT41* Tesslerís Nifty Tools 6.2 is a collec-tion of over 35 useful utilities for WIN31, Win95, and DOS. (Reg.Fee: $various)



HSMART40 Heart Smart for Windows 4.01 helps monitor calories, fat, and cholesterol in your diet. The program includes a 900-item modifiable food list, and the ability to print a weekly menu. Menus can be saved and retrieved for easy modification of a diet plan. (Reg.Fee: $20) (Reg.Fee: $60)

JORJ9606 JORJ is a 58,000-word dictionary on a disk. It is a quick and easy way to check the spelling or meaning of a word. You can enter a word the way it sounds and JORJ will locate the actual spelling. Also included are Postal state abbreviations, weights and measures, and foreign words and phrases. The program uses EMS/XMS to minimize the use of DOS RAM. (Reg.Fee: $25)

Anti Virus

AVP22E_A AntiViral Toolkit Pro is a virus scanner which detects thousands of viruses and trojans. It can also scan for viruses within ZIP, ARJ, LZH, and RAR archives and other compressed format. (Reg.Fee: $60)

INVB InVircible 6.11c is an anti-virus program which uses generic methods to protect your computer and restore it to a virus-free status. It is especially helpful in locating and removing unscannable viruses and recovering access to your hard drive after a boot sector virus infection. The program can help you to restore corrupted files and sectors, trace and eradicate unknown viruses, and configure non-TSR virus detection. It det modifications in the CMOS setup parameters to insure that all changes to the hardware configuration reflect properly in the rescue diskette. All operating systems (DOS, OS/2, WIN95/NT) are supported. data integrity system. The author says it detects all known viruses. It can detect any form of file corruption, including disk errors or as-yet unknown viruses. Stacker, DoubleSpace, SuperStore and Bernoulli system files are supported. Identifies the new MS Word Macro viruses as well as over 640 additional viruses. It has an option to quickly disinfect diskettes. (Reg.Fee: $50)


HQFAX51 1-Stop High Quality FAX 5.1 produces and sends letter-quality FAXes in one step. It provides a variety of type faces and type sizes, and works with pre-printed forms. It can produce a variety of image formats, including FAX-ready, PCX, DCX, TIFF. Requires an Epson-LQ print driver and a word processor. (Reg.Fee: ($42)

JETBBS50 JetBBS 5.00 is a complete bulletin board system designed to opertate with mimimal Sysop attention. It features chat capability, file transfers with CD-ROM support, tagged batch downloads, support for DORINFO1.DEF, CALLINFO.BBS, CHAIN.TXT, and DOOR.SYS door protocols, a conversion utility that can import message bases from almost any other BBS, credit system with seven built-in casino games, voting door, QWK packet download, and a full-screen message editor. Requires 512K RAM, a modem and 1.44 MB of disk space. NEW: quoted reply command, automatically deletes mail older than a number of days, postInfo descriptions for each room, expanded number of rooms in sub-board 9, and the ability to distinguish between regular and custom ringing and answer only one of them. (Reg.Fee: $60)

PSSA411 Sapphire 4.11 is a bulletin-board system touted as being maintenance-free and easy to set up and use. Along those lines, it is designed primarily for the non-expert who wants to set up a BBS and who has never run a BBS before. Requires 512k, two drives and a smart modem. (Reg.Fee: ($65-95)


CHART15 Chart 1.5 provides comprehensive information on the Periodic Table of the Elements. (Reg.Fee $0)

CHEMVIEW Chemview 1.60 displays the three-dimensional rotation of the atoms of selected molecules. EGA card and monitor are required. Colorful, smooth graphics, interesting, educational. (Reg.Fee: $15)

CLC192 Scientific Command Line Calculator Q 1.91 is a command-line scientific calculator that can evaluate math expressions, plot graphs, solve equations, output tables of data, and does statistics calculations. It supports up to 17 digits, has many help screens, and comes with a tutor batch file. (Reg.Fee: ($10)

FRACT11 Math Assault II: Fractions 1.10 is a combination game and fractions tutorial for grades four through nine. Help our hero defend the kingdom of Greecia from the evil Dr. Ronan by answering word problems which involve fractions. Each problem includes a series of picture hints. Word problems can also be spoken with digitized speech. (Reg.Fee $21-100)

KA_MT_13 MedTerm is a study program for medical terminology with over 1000 questions. (Reg.Fee $25)


AQUEST40 Animal Quest 4.0 is an unusual game that lets you experience Nature from a very different perspective. First, you can select an animal you would like to become. Then you try to cross the forest collecting as many Energy Tokens as possible by capturing your prey while avoiding your predators and by outsmarting competitors for food. To be successful at this game you must quickly decide who is your prey and who are your predators. Animal Quest has excellent graphics, three difficulty levels, mouse support, sound card support, and extensive information on each animal and plant. This is a very realistic simulation of food chain ecology, based on factual animal relationships. (Reg.Fee: $20)

BLOXZ Bloxz is a challenging puzzle game where the object is to eliminate all same-color blocks in each level by kicking them into each other. This starts out fairly easy on the early levels, but quickly becomes more difficult as you progress. (Reg.Fee: $5)

CAPFLAG5 Capture the Flag 3.2 is an exceptional animated strategy game that lets you assemble a team of players and search through woodlands and farm fields in a frenzied race to capture the opposing teamís flag. (Reg.Fee: $33)

GLAD38 Gladiator 3.8 is a gauntlet style real-time arcade game where you must destroy all other teams in a variety of scenarios. Each scenario gives you access to a variety of character classes, some with interesting special abilities. Your goal in each case is to destroy all your opponents with as few team losses as possible. The game features 320x200x256 color graphics, SoundBlaster compatible sound, independent AI control of over 100 characters, and high speed animation. (Reg.Fee: $10)

H2OGAME H2O is a challenging puzzle game that requires you to direct drops of water to a specific area using blocks, bridges, and bombs. Features include excellent VGA graphics, sound card support, joystick/keyboard input, a high score listing, and more. There are three fun levels in this version. (Reg.Fee: $34)

HUBIE_12 Hubie 1.20 You must determine the best way to get Hubie to the exit door while avoiding spikes, falling blocks, and other deadly obstacles. Use the various objects, such as spring boards, balloons, pipes, and ice cubes, to construct the proper path which leads to the next level. This is a fun and challenging game. (Reg.Fee: $25)

PENTO212 Pentominos 2.12 is a challenging mathematical puzzle game where you must arrange 12 five-sided playing pieces into a rectangle. Requires a mouse. Instructions are available in both English and French. (Reg.Fee: $0)


AGSI120E AGSI 1.2.0 displays a variety of information about your computer. It will report type of operating system, processor type, BIOS, interrupt vectors, graphics and sound cards, IRQ assignments, memory usage, table of contents for CD-ROMs, and much more. It supports several operating systems, including MS-DOS, Novell DOS, PTS-DOS, and OS/2. mproved video card detection, improved detection of Pentiums, and other newer processor types, lists installed PCI devices. NEW: improved video card detection, im-proved detection of Pentiums, and other newer processor types, lists installed PCI devices. (Reg.Fee: $23)

CHANG604 Change (BG) 6.04 makes changes to text files of virtually any size. You can remove trailing spaces from files, specify different lengths for input and output strings, and perform changes only on lines that include a certain character string. The program can handle up to 30 change requests at a time. It can replace the original file with the resulting file or create a new changed file. Changes can be entered from the command line or from a control file. (Reg.Fee: $0)

DCTEST11 CTest 1.1 tests the relative transfer rates of disk caches on a PC. It may be used to compare the effectiveness of different cache systems on the same PC, or to fine tune one disk cache for a specific hardware platform. (Reg.Fee: 20 Pnds.)

DSMOUS10 DosMouse 1.0 allows you to use your mouse in DOS to click on an executable filename and run it. You can also define often-used commands (dir /w, etc.) and add them to a menubar for instant execution. (Reg.Fee: $20)

DTOOL302 Dietmarís Tools 3.02 is a collection of 15 utilities for performing various tasks in DOS. The set includes tools to expand or shorten the search path, change a drive serial number, activate text mode in VGA, increase the transfer rate of S3 graphics cards, set the time and date of files, and more. All utilities include English and German language. (Reg.Fee: $0)

EDDY Eddy 8d is a full-screen directory editor and general purpose disk utility. You can edit directory entries, including name, date, time and attributes of files; sort directory display by file name, extension, size or date/time; copy, move, and delete files; look at or patch data in files, in RAM, or by physical disk sector; find strings of data in files, in RAM or by physical disk sector; locate files anywhere on your disk, by name with wildcards, by file attributes, and/or by file timestamp; and recover files safely. Improved EMM usage with QEMM. ption to exclude files with attributes or specified time stamps, warns when copying if there is not enough space in the target directory, more control over file search, CD-ROM handling improved, and more. NEW: option to exclude files with attributes or specified time stamps, warns when copying if there is not enough space in the target directory, more control over file search, CD-ROM handling improved, and more. (Reg.Fee: $30)

SYSCHK43 SysChk 2.43 is a first-class configuration reporting program. It starts view window with a menu window to the side. Menu options change the view window to show detailed information about your CPUs, BIOS, I/O, hard disks, floppy disks, video, memory, TSR map, and system throughput speed. It will optionally print out the system information. dded information on CPU (if Pentium or newer 486 model), IDE and SCSI ASPI information, and Pentium floating point division (FDIV) bug detection. NEW: Added information on CPU (if Pentium or newer 486 model), IDE and SCSI ASPI information, and Pentium floating point division (FDIV) bug detection. (Reg.Fee $29)

UNSTAL05 Rosenthal UnInstall 5.0 will remove unwanted DOS and Windows programs. All new files, directories and system changes may be kept or automatically removed and the system restored. This is ideal if you try a lot of different programs and find that they create multiple directories and/or that they create files in different areas. (Reg.Fee: $24)

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