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Compiled by Jim Hume


The Canberra School of Arts

An interesting and well documented site detailing what the School offers in career based training for artists with examples of their work and links to other sites.


The Community Information Network

The Community Information Network is a valuable information resource with some eighteen Bulletin Boards covering The Youth Forum, an Employment Room with job listings, and Environment Room a Families Room a Government Information Room. You can also subscribe to CIN and get access to special newsgroups.


Aust Computer Journal Book Reviews

The Australian Computer Journal Book Reviews is a publication of the Australian Computer Society and reflects the professionalism of this Society.


Bobs Windows95

Tips and Tricks for users of Windows.
Two pages of useful information for users of Win 95 that are not included in either the help files or that quite inadequate Microsoft manual. win95/w95tips.html


ABC News Headline Service

The ABC has a News Headline Service which is regularly updated.

International News Headlines

Yahoo provides International News Headlines from Reuters at

CNN Interactive

CNN provides some of the most comprehensive International News at

Nando Times

The Nando Times comes a close second to CNN for world wide coverage and is supported by a number of agencies


Australia Index Virtual Library

This Charles Sturt University site provides an excellent Australia Index Virtual Library and is a great source for information about Australia.

Homework Helper

B.J.Pinchbeck's Homework Helper, although American oriented really can help with homework. It includes search engines, references, news and current events, maths and science, social studies, English, history and foreign languages.


Australian Network Racing. A must for the Punters.

ANR provides comprehensive details of horse racing, betting, trainers, jockeys, tipsters details of forthcoming events, horse syndication, ACT TAB live updates of TAB starting prices ,other State TABs and links to other Horse Racing sites.


Society for growing Australian Plants

The Society for growing Australian Plants provides information in this site for the cultivation, propagation and conservation of Australian Plants. It contains photographs and a quarterly online newsletter. An asset to anyone interested in native plants.



WineSense lists the wine growing areas in each State. It also promotes a video to further your knowledge.

Barossa Regional Guide

Barossa Regional Guide takes you a tour through the towns of the Barossa Valley and details the winemakers.

Chateau Yaldara

Chateau Yaldara also welcomes you to the Barossa Valley, their site, ordering facilities and an Internet Wine Club.

Australian Internet Link

The Australian Internet Link also details wines, and vineyards, as well as travel accommodation and restaurants and claims to have the most comprehensive list of Australian Wines on the Internet. A good site to recommend to overseas friends interested in Australian Wines.

Australian Wine Club

The Australian Wine Club is also worth a visit.



The NRMA site provides a wealth of detail on motoring information as well as general insurance.


The Australian Political Parties currently on the net are listed in alphabetical order. The quality of the information is left to the judgement of the reader.

The Australian Labor Party

The Democrats

The Liberal Party of Australia

The National Party of Australia


Australian Television Guide

The Australian Television Guide lets you check out "what's on" Australian TV. You can browse through the guide by time segment or by channel. You can also search for your favourite program or topic of interest by typing in words, names or phrases.


The Lemon Grass and Galangal Cookbook

The Cookbook provides hundreds of easy to prepare Asian dishes from China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

There is an excellent introduction which discusses the different flavours of Asia and the origins of the different cooking styles. There are some 40 recipes for each country. Enough to wet the appetite of anyone that enjoys Asian food.


GASEBONE.Anaesthesiology & Intensive care

The University of Queensland has pioneered the development of a site which allows patients access to pre-operation information and the chance to interact with their doctors.


ADF Recruitment

The Navy, Army and Airforce offer a wide range of careers for people aged 17 to 50 for Navy, 17 to 35 for the Army and Airforce with education levels ranging from Year 9 to tertiary level. You must be an Australian Citizen. This site details available careers in each of the three Services and a wealth of information including Medical standards, specific educational qualifications and how to contact a recruiter for further information. Well worth for paarents and those considering joining one of the Australian Defence Forces.

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