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CnC Charter

As a past coordinator of this PCUG group, I would like to set down for the benefit of newcomers what we do and what I would like to see us do.

We meet every second Tuesday at 10.00am for two hours at the PCUG club room at Belconnen and on the alternate Tuesday we hold a similar meeting at the Irish club, Weston. Members are free to attend either meeting (or both). Newcomers are made welcome, any business matters are discussed (this is a short segment as we are very informal). The meeting is open for members' problems, solutions to problems and general discussion. The topics vary from maintaining a printer in good condition to a member describing the genealogy program they use or someone reporting on the latest PCUG Monday night presentation. The meeting formally ends at 11.30am leaving thirty minutes 'chat' time. Several of us then have lunch at Wests (Jamison) or stay on at the Irish club.

There are about fifty regular members and we often have over thirty people turn up for a cup or two of coffee, a chat with fellow members and to supply or receive help to or from other members. As most of us have some free time during the day, we are often able to visit other members' homes during the week and help people solve their problems 'on site'. Members have formed close associations with others who have similar computing interests.

A wide range of computer knowledge exists within the group. Several members help run the Internet site (TIP), staff the Centre at weekends, assist the Editorial committee, provide training courses and are volunteers who help Seniors learn to use the internet at Belconnen and Woden libraries. Newcomers to computing are always welcome and are offered help to set up their system if this is required.

There are occasional informal social events for members. Each year we have a Melbourne Cup and a Christmas party and have had some very successful picnics.

I would like this Internet Coffee-Chat group to be a place where PCUG members who are not able to attend our meetings or functions can read what goes on at our meetings (summaries will be supplied to this group) and enter their own ideas/problems/solutions. Maybe they would like one or more of us to visit them. There are PCUG members not resident in Canberra - they might like to contribute articles and also might like a day visit from some of us.

It's your group - any suggestions for new activities?