Need help?

If your query is Group-related, first check the latest issue of Sixteen Bits to see if there is an appropriate contact person for your area of interest. If that fails, contact the appropriate Committee member for the area you are interested in. If your query is more general, or unrelated to Group activities, try one (or more!) of the following avenues (in no particular order):

The 24 hour message line

The Group has set up an answering service on 6253 4911. When the Centre is staffed, this number will be answered by a person - at all other times you'll get a recorded message.

You can leave messages about any Group activity, or ask questions - when the messages are cleared (usually every couple of days) we'll try to get back to you with some kind of answer.

Leave your name, contact number and some idea of your problem. It is important to be concise and to the point, as you only have thirty seconds per message. Leave your name and number first - that way if you run out of time unexpectedly we can at least get back to you!

The Help Directory

The Help Directory (found in the back pages of each issue of Sixteen Bits lists people who have volunteered to provide assistance to members on particular topics. With a large membership like ours, it is surprising how often the answer to the most specific and obscure query is already known to another member.

The service is very much dependent upon members' time and expertise being known and available, so if you have an area of expertise (no matter how obscure, arcane or narrow) please contact the Managing Editor and ask to be included the Help Directory.

If you use the Help Directory , please respect the days and times shown for each person.

Members Ads

If your problem is not particularly urgent, contact the Managing Editor and place a members advertisement in the next issue of Sixteen Bits. Your question will go out to many hundreds of people, one of whom is very likely to be able to answer your question.

The Internet Project

If you have access to the Internet via the Internet Project, leaving a message in an appropriate newsgroup ( or tip.general if you are unsure) is a great way to get to large numbers of people.

If your query is specifically related to using the Internet Project, send email to for assistance. Please don't send email to specific individuals - the help team has a far wider range of skills than any one person and is much more likely to answer your question fast and accurately.

The Committee

If you are unsure how to proceed and none of the above avenues seems appropriate, please feel free to contact any member of the Committee for advice.

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