PC Users Group Meetings

Main Meeting

This is held on the last Monday of each month unless otherwise advised. Normally it is held in the Manning Clark Theatre on ANU Campus, but you should check The PCUG Newsletter each month just in case we have had to change the date or venue.

The meetings start at 7.00 pm, with a half-hour period for you to contact Committee members etc. The meeting proper starts at 7.30 pm. The meetings usually last about two hours.

At these meetings the topic is selected for fairly broad interest. The speakers are predominantly from interstate or overseas presenting an area in which they specialise, such as particular software packages or areas of the computing field. Several major software developers like to present their latest and greatest at our main meetings on occasion too!

There is no main meeting in December. The September meeting is usually the Annual General Meeting, at which a new Committee is elected and so on.

If you have any difficulties attending meetings for transport or disability reasons, please contact the Committee - we can probably work something out!

Committee Meetings

The Committee meets monthly to discuss Group matters and all members are welcome to attend provided notice is given. Normally Committee meetings are held in the PCUG Centre at 7 pm on the second Monday of the month. Please contact the Committee for information on when and where the next Committee meeting will be held. To have an item put forward for the agenda, please contact the Secretary at least one week prior to the meeting. The Committee does reserve the right to hold meetings in camera or to discuss specific items in camera.

The Minutes of all Committee meetings are held by the Secretary. These may be viewed by any member at the PCUG Centre upon request at a mutually convenient time and place.

New Members' Meetings

Held at the PCUG Centre, these meetings will be held on a weekend afternoon once each three months. The date for each New Members Meeting will be advertised well in advance in the The PCUG Newsletter.

Though designed particularly for new members, anyone is welcome. These meetings are basically a chance to meet a few other members, talk about anything that concerns you regarding computers, learn about the facilities PCUG offers its members, drink coffee or tea, and perhaps get some questions answered in an atmosphere a little less formal than the main meetings. The meetings are very informal, and last as long as interested people remain!

Special Interest Group Meetings

Several SIGs hold their meetings at the PCUG Centre. The start times and locations of SIG meetings vary tremendously, however, so for the latest details either check Sixteen Bits or contact the convenor of the SIG you are interested in.
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