The Journal of the PC Users Group (ACT) Incorporated.

The PCUG journal SIXTEEN BITS (ISSN 8017-0991) is published monthly and is the major communication medium of the group. It offers feature articles written by group members; hardware, software and book reviews; programming tips; reports of current activities and events, and the Help Directory listing members who are willing to provide assistance to other members on particular topics.

SIXTEEN BITS is circulated to members electronically and to a number of individuals and libraries overseas. Members have a choice of receiving the newsletter as a PDF attachment to an email or of downloading it from the web site. The Group has established a magazine exchange policy with major user groups around the world, and thus maintains ongoing contact with other microcomputing enthusiasts.

Articles written by PCUG members and published in SIXTEEN BITS have been reprinted in British, American and Australian journals. Particularly popular are 'tutorial' series written by PCUG members. These series explain the theory and practice of a topic in short monthly instalments.

Previous Issues of SIXTEEN BITS

If you would like to read or download previous issues of the Sixteen Bits Magazine or the Sixteen Bits Newsletter please click HERE.

Contributing to SIXTEEN BITS

We welcome submissions of letters, reviews, ads and articles from members of the Group. If you are interested in writing please contact the Managing Editor and ask for a copy of our 'SIXTEEN BITS - Guidelines for Authors'.

Contributions over 100 words should be submitted in electronic form. Please submit your document as 'flat ASCII' - plain text, unformatted, no tabs, new lines only at the end of paragraphs. Graphics should be submitted as separate files, preferably in PCX (Paintbrush) or BMP format. If you wish to use other formats, please talk with the Managing Editor first!