Security Certificates (TIP)


On the Internet,  a security certificate is used to verify the identity of people and computers,  and to establish secure communications between two computers.  Security certificates are also known as public key certificates,  PKI certificates,  SSL certificates,  or identity certificates.

Security certificates are issued by Certificate Authorities,  and TIP uses security certificates from,  a non-profit Certificate Authority registered in New South Wales (NSW),  Australia.

Some members continue to be confused by the warnings issued regarding our internet security certificates.   Our certificates ARE valid –  but they are issued by a Certifying Authority which is not recognised as valid by default by the major browsers.   We recommend including that Certifying Authority as a valid one in your browser.  For details,  see the TIP Wiki here and if you are using the IE 8 browser see here;  or the Mozilla Firefox 3 browser see here.