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Secure Website

Welcome to the PCUG secure area of the TIP web server. If you see a warning concerning the security certificate for this site, please see our notes on security certificates below.

To access much of this site you will need to be either connected to the internet via TIP or authenticate using your PCUG/TIP username and password.

NB: All PCUG members are entitled to a TIP account which gives a PCUG email address and PCUG/TIP username enabling use of these services. Please contact the PCUG office to arrange one if you do not have one.

Secure Web Email Service

See information on the Secure Web Email Service that TIP provides to easily read your mail using your web browser from anywhere with Internet access.

Or you can directly access TIP's currently preferred Squirrelmail secure web email service here. For more information about using Squirrelmail, please read our local Squirrelmail usage page first.

TIP User Services

Individual TIP User services provide information on your specific account.

Security Certificates

If you get a warning concerning the validity of our Security Certificates, then you need to follow the instructions we provide to install the CACert root certificate so that you no longer receive these warnings. We can assure members that our certificates are quite valid, being issued by the community CACert.org certificate authority.

Public PCUG & TIP Websites

For general information on the PCUG, please see the PCUG website.

For general information on using TIP, please go to the TIP Wiki. The old TIP website is also still available, though mostly depreciated.

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