by Trevor F


Last month I had a war between two anti-spyware apps. The one that won out is Ashampoo Antispyware over that of PC Tools Spyware Doctor. It was on price alone, not that one was better than the other. 

Ashampoo cost me $A17.00 (as an additional Ashampoo registered app). In my opinion they're both good at what they do, but money talks!.

A good place to regularly visit is the PCUG's main web page: http:www.pcug.org.au 

You'll no doubt notice that the Main Monthly Meeting will be held at the Rheinberger Centre Yarralumla, on Wednesday October 3 at 7.30pm. I heard tell that Ann B is standing for the President of the Group. Congratulations to PeterW for the great job he's done in managing proceedings.

If I stood for a job on the committee, you'd all have to put up with my ability to manage - about the same as a snowdrop's chance of managing it's way out from a paper bag.

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