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Old Second Hand Pc's

My needs

First, what is and why does this section exist. Well, I am old and many PC users are old. That is a good enough reason for this section to come to life. I have recently purchased an old second-hand computer through an Australian retailer on the internet. It was sold as an "ex-gov" desktop Personal Computer, with MS Windows installed and no other operating systems on it. Well, I like MS and I like MS Windows, but I also like other Operating Systems. In particular, I have used Linux in its various versions over the last few years and it has given me great service. So I wish to have a multi-boot desktop computer for my home use.

My "new desktop computer"

The internet retailer advertised and "ex-gov" HP400 PC with MS Windows pre-installed". More about the computer: it is "HP ProDesk 400 G1 Small Form Factor Business PC", as BIOS Setup manual reports. Having booted a live Linux disk, and started a "gparted" program I had look at the existing partitions of the disk. I found that the HDD disk is about 500 GiB size and that most of it is taken by a Windows partition, so using gparted I shrunk it down to make room for two Linux OS's and the swap partition.