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For General Users

Several freely downloadable or commercially available derivatives of OpenOffice are now available:

  1. freely downloadable
  2. (no longer) sold commercially
    • IBM Smartsuite

All use the same document format and can import/export a range of documents as well

  • PDF
  • DOC & dotDOCX documents
  • XLS
  • PPT.


  • comprhensive editing help is available via the HELP menu within openoffice variants
  • LibreOffice additionally provide conventional user guides that may be downloaded in dotODT or dotPDF format

Spreadsheet users having an extensive bank of, or needing to routinely interchange, Excel spreadsheets should be aware of the syntax and paradigm differences explained in:

Some operations behave differently in other modules, without affecting the display of documents or presentations. See


A major upgrade to version 5 was released in late 2015.


Many settings can be set/changed via:

-> Tools -> Options

If many documents will be interchanged with people who don't use OpenOffice then default format for saving can be set via

-> Load/Save -> General
  • then select the document format for text, spreadsheet etc docs