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This is a QR (Quick Response) code. It is really a form of barcode, and their use is increasing in Australia.

If you want to read a bit of the QR history, go to Wikipedia

Locally, they are being used to provide 'Coming Attraction' lists for movie houses, links to Google Maps to show how to get to particular places, and price lists for retail outlets.

The usual mode of use is to install an app on a smart device, scan the QR code, and let the app do the work.

Some useful apps are:

iPhone : Neoreader, i-nigma, Optiscan, Barcode, QuickMark, Scanlife, TapMedia, QR Pro, QR Scanner

Android : Barcode Scanner, ShopSavvy, Scanlife, QuickMark, QR Pal, i-nigma

Blackberry : Scanlife, Bee Tagg, QR Code Scanner, i-nigma

Windows Phone 7 : PhraseMeme, QR Reader, Stripes, Bee Tagg, NeoReader, QuickMark, i-nigma