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Welcome to the PCUG Information Wiki

  • This wiki provides a place where PCUG members can share information with each other, in categories as shown below.
  • Please support this member initiative by adding content!

Using the Wiki

Contributions to the Wiki

  • This PCUG Information Wiki can be edited by any PCUG member using their normal PCUG/TIP username and password to login.
  • To do this, select the log in link at the top right of the page to login (a wiki account will be created automatically the first time you log in).
  • You are encouraged to contribute information, especially to the Activities_and_Opportunities and Technical Info sections, as this is very much in the spirit of the group's policy of Users Helping Users.
  • Contributions can range from small additions; to corrections and extensions to current pages; through to creating entirely new pages on relevant topics.
  • If you are new to contributing to wiki's, please see our guide to Getting Started Editing Wiki Pages.
  • Further useful links are provided in navigation Help page.

Viewing Wiki

  • You can use the Search box on the left hand side to find information, browse the site using the links below, or view the index of all pages.
  • Please note that a different skin is used when this wiki is viewed from a mobile device.

PCUG Information Wiki Categories

News and Notices

  • Includes details of various PCUG and TIP notices

Activities and Opportunities

Includes information about groups activities & opportunities for participation.

  • Information sharing - teaching and learning ...
  • Information Resources - varied choices, how to access ...
  • Equipment Resources - Training & Media Room, Member Use Computers ...
  • Socializing with others who have like interests ...


  • Includes various newsletters received from affiliated organisations and other sources

Technical Info

  • A guide to specific and varied support and helpful information
  • This information may reference information with-in or external to PCUG.
  • Includes a wide variety of technical IT related hints, help guides, how-tos and tips, contributed by members on a range of IT related topics of interest.
  • Please note that information related specifically to accessing and using the PCUG's 'The Internet Project' (TIP) ISP Services are provided on the TIP Wiki

Overview of Information Management for PCUG & TIP

PCUG General Info

  • PCUG general or publicity info is found in the PCUG Website (see PCUG Home link in navigation bar)
  • General information on the PCUG may be found on the main PCUG website.

TIP (The Internet Project) Info

  • Information related specifically to accessing and using the PCUG's 'The Internet Project' (TIP) ISP Services are provided on the TIP Wiki

PCUG Info Wiki (this wiki) Members Informing Members

  • focuses on topics, with collaborative input from members for members!!