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MAY 1996

President's Letter

by Ann Byrne, President

April was a busy month for the Committee (aren’t they all?) Mike Gellard has put a lot of work into getting a team together for the Radio Show on R1PH each week. They are doing a very professional job.

The accommodation team was very busy and the Committee has looked at premises which seem to be very promising. However the hard work of number crunching has to be tackled next. We will keep you informed.

We are one step closer to having someone at the Centre for three days during the week, we are hoping this will help our treasurer Hugh Alston with some of the more tedious number entering on the computer that has to be done.

Thanks must go to Wolfe Leiske who was good enough to volunteer to make our trestles for the Centre. Many thanks Wolfe. Darrell Burkey has been good enough to keep on with the journal but we still need someone to help as co-editor to share the workload. Please consider.

March Committee Meeting

The Committee Moved that:

Other items discussed included:

Treasurers Report:

Income for March 1996:

Expenditure for March 1996:
(includes $30,000 transferred to term dep.)

Total Balance at bank March 31st 1996:

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