Sixteen Bits Online

JUNE 1996


by Darrell Burkey, Managing Editor

Nobody warned me that editing Sixteen Bits would create a time warp where once you completed one issue you would wake up the next morning only to find it was layout day again. Where is Dr Who and the Tardis when I need it?

We received a lot of feedback this month regarding the journal that was most helpful. Thanks to those who took out the time to send comments. We promise to make a greater effort to catch all those spellling mistakes.

I must say that it was surprising that we received no comments at all regarding the social issues mentioned in last month's editorial but spell one word wrong or edit an article and watch out!

On a very positive note, we have been fortunate in having a member of the group with publishing experience join the editorial team. Cliff Manley has kindly donated his time to take on the role of Assistant Editor . Sharing the work load is bound to increase the quality of the magazine, as our biggest challenge is the amount of time required to achieve the standards we are aiming for. A big welcome to Cliff and an even bigger thanks for making it possible for me to get some sleep this month. We are expecting great things but hey, no pressure here.

I would also like to thank all the members who contributed to the magazine this month. In spite of last minute changes we still had more than enough material and have even made a start on next month. Please don't let that stop you if you would like to contribute. Remember, Sixteen Bits is your journal and we are most interested in what the members are thinking and doing, so keep those emails and letters coming.

If you do manage to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), please make sure you refer to the guidelines as mentioned on page two.

Looks like the group is heading for interesting times with more activity in special interest groups, virtual meetings, more members using the Internet and vast improvements on the horizon in several areas.

Grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy this month's effort secure in the knowledge that our little part of the world remains vibrant and exciting. I intend on enjoying every minute of it and hope you will as well.

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