Sixteen Bits Online

JUNE 1996

Page Four

Darrell Burkey, Managing Editor

President's Letter
Ann Byrne, PCUG President

Feature Articles

Corel Photo Paint 6
Russell Kerrison reviews Corel's newest

Coffee & Chat
A special interest group for everyone

Win95 and the Internet
Mike Gellard connects us to the internet

Thanks Lis
Special thanks to a special editor

Work and Play in the Happy Isles
Gloria Robbins returns from paradise

Computer Viruses
Ken Livingston looks at a favourite subject

Strange Messages
Cliff Manley discovers a very strange email

Descent II
Alan Tebb explores another new adventure

Regular Columns

Qool URLs
What's cool this month on the 'net

INTERNET Project News
Plus a listing of PCUG and TIP email aliases

What's New?
Jim Hume looks at the latest and greatest

Software Library News
Phil Trudinger reviews our shareware library

Volunteer Update
Andrew Clayton wants you!

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