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JUNE 1996


by Mike Gellard

The secrets to connecting Windows95 to the Internet are revealed.

Sometime ago I wrote a paper entitled HOWTO95.TXT to assist users wishing to connect to The Internet Project using the inbuilt 32bit IP stack in Windows95. Normally those users already had 16 bit versions of Netscape installed and were using Trumpet Winsock to connect to TIP. This paper takes you through the process of setting up Windows95 to connect to TIP. Be aware that you must have Dialup Networking installed before carrying out this procedure.

Once completed you will be able to login manually to TIP. You'll also be able to run 32bit versions of Netscape and your other favourite Internet applications. The older 16 bit versions of Internet software will still run as well.

Next month we'll cover installation of Microsoft's dialup scripting tool. That will add extra functionality to automate the login procedure but you must have completed the procedure outlined below first.

HOWTO95.TXT it is available via ftp from in the /pub/pc/win95 directory.

Here is the complete text of HOWTO95.TXT

Following is the procedure for setting up Windows95 to connect to TIP using the inbuilt TCP/IP software.

I first posted this information some time ago in the newsgroup. That was in response to a user's request for help. This is a repeat performance for those who have been after this information recently.

Please also read the Web references referred to in TIP bulletins and other messages in Some of the documents available are very well illustrated.

Now, here is the information from my own TCP setup on Windows95.

First create a new connection in
Dial-up Networking

Open the MyComputer window then open Dial-up Networking.

Create a new connection and call it TIP. Enter the details requested for modem/phone numbers etc.
(TIP's phone number is 239 7877)


Click on
Start | Accessories | Dialup Networking

Right click on TIP icon
Click on Properties
Click on ServerType

Type of DialUp Server:
PPP:Windows95,Windows NT 3.5, Internet

Enable Software Compression is checked

Allowed Network Protocols:
Only TCP/IP is checked

Now close this window...

Now click on Configure
(for the modem) and you will see
Options Tab

Select Bring Up Terminal Window After Dialling


Under Start|Settings|Control Panel

Double-click the Network Icon
Configuration Tab

The following network components are installed:

Client for Microsoft Networks

Dial-Up Adapter


Primary Network Logon:

Windows Logon
Identification Tab

Set details to whatever you wish.

Access Control: Shared

Now if you highlight Dial-Up Adapter and click on Properties you see the Dial-up Adapter Dialog Box. This has three tabs:
Driver Type

which is defaulted to Enhanced Mode (32bit and 16bit NDIS Driver)

Which has TCP/IP checked

Use the defaults
(there is no need to change them)

Now go back to Network Dialog again, this time highlight TCP/IP and click

on Properties....

There are six tabs in this box, these are the settings for each tab:

This has Client for Microsoft Networks checked

Accept the defaults
DNS Config

Select: Enable DNS

Host: supreme

DNS Search order

type in then click Add

Type in:
then click Add
WINS Configuration

Select: Disable WINS Resolution

IP Address: Select Obtain an IP Address Automatically

Please note that the entries shown above for supreme and must be in lower case. After setting all of the above click on 'OK'.

Now start the login to TIP by double clicking the TIP icon you created in Dial-Up networks. After connection you get the post-dial terminal window enter userid when prompted then press [Enter], enter password when prompted, then press [Enter]. After entering password you will eventually get a prompt ending in '>' (eg [TIP]>). Type in 'ppp default' and press [Enter]. After some seconds the host will send out a message, 'My IP address is' etc etc. After that you see what looks like garbled text, this is perfectly normal.

Now! do not press [Enter]. You must either press the F7 key or click on Continue. If all goes well you see a dialog box after 15 or 20 seconds that says you are connected. Phew!

This seems complex, but trust me :-) it works - and is very reliable.

Some Notes


If you subsequently install the dial-up scripting tool it is absolutely essential that you turn off the post-dial terminal window. If you don't the dial-up scripts will not work. Where do you get the dialup scripting tool?


If you have a Local Area Network installed, or the Dial-up Server installed, some settings will be added/changed from those shown above. If you find yourself in that situation please contact me via email and give details of your LAN. I'll then tell you what will be different.


Multiple Internet Service Providers:

It is possible to connect to multiple service providers from Windows95. This is achieved by some "relatively" minor configuration changes. Again there are good references to this on the WWW. Email me and I will give what assistance I can.

It really is worth while installing the Dialup Scripting Tool referred to in Note 1. It takes the monotony and mistakes out of logging in.

And Finally, please DO NOT ring me up with questions. I can be contacted by email,, and I will try and answer all questions I receive.

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