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JUNE 1996

President's Letter

by Ann Byrne, President

My plea for Committee members last month did not fall on deaf ears, we now have two new Committee Members, at least until the AGM in September. Rod Farr and Ken Livingston were both brave enough to put their hands up and the Committee takes a great deal of pleasure in welcoming them aboard.

As we draw to the end of another financial year, the Committee has decided that the membership fee will rise to $50 for family membership, $25 for student membership and $130 corporate member-ship from July 1st. This will allow us to aggressively pursue new premises that are more suited to the needs of our growing membership. Computers are being superseded so quickly that the machines in the training centre are badly in need of replacing so they can accommodate Windows 95. While we realise there is not much notice being given for the increase it makes accounting so much easier if these things are done from the beginning of the financial year. The Committee also agreed that the training cost should rise to $35 a session once the equipment has been replaced.

Bearing in mind the escalating costs of printing the magazine, use of bank facilities and running costs in general, we still feel the Group is giving amazing value for the cost of membership.

April Committee Meeting Summary

It was moved that

Other business included

Treasurers Report

Income for April 1996 $30,038.40

Expenditure for April 1996 $24,750.56

Balance at bank 30.4.96 $85,070.86

plus, held in term deposit $30,000.00

Note: Internet income and expenditure needs to be transferred to the Internet Account.

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