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JUNE 1996

Software Library News

by Phil Trudinger

Please note:
The files described in this article are on the May 1996 CD-ROM. Please quote the month when placing an order. Files can be supplied on floppy disk or uploaded to Area 19 of the Bulletin Board (see Member Services).

Most Library programs are Shareware. A reasonable time (generally one month) is allowed for evaluation but if you continue to use a program beyond this time you should comply with the author's conditions which usually require payment of a registration fee. Bear in mind that this is the only way by which an author receives any remuneration for his/her efforts.

(An asterisk denotes Windows 95 specificity or compatibility)



Almanac for Windows (32-bit) 3.5d is a powerful calendar package for Win95/NT that provides separate, configurable windows for your calendar, daily schedule, to-do list, phonebook, and/or notes. It calculates recurring events, sunrise/sunset times, moon phases, Julian Day, and Calendar Week.


Business Card Designer Plus for Win95 4.51 allows you to create business cards on any Windows compatible printer. Features include templates for quick card creation, PCX/WMF/BMP graphic support, drag and drop support, print preview, and much more.


ChemPen+ allows you to draw chemical structures that can easily be pasted into any word processor. It calculates molecular weight, molecular formula and elemental composition and includes a C-13 NMR calculator for saturated branched and linear hydrocarbons and a small expandable HOSE coded C-13 database for other types of molecules.


Europe! for Windows 2.2 provides a fun and colourful way to become familiar with basic European geography. It challenges you to locate countries, capitals, identify exports, and more. This is suitable for both children and adults.


GammaCAD PRO 2.02 is a full featured CAD program. Drawing elements include lines, arcs, circles, points and text. Edit options include select, cut, copy, paste, rotate, scale and undo. Line type, width and colour can be set. Other features include full text font control, element snaps, zoom, pan, scaled printouts/plots and much more.


Genius for Windows 1.42 is genealogy package for WIN31. Features include support for up to 5000 persons, a 400-word note file for comments, the ability to print formatted data sheets for each individual, and more. The evaluation version stops working after 90 days.


Labels, Cards and More for Win95 1.51 allows you to create labels, business cards, index cards, rolodex cards, envelopes, full page displays and anything else you can think of on your laser or inkjet printer. Features include pre-defined or custom layouts, print preview, BMP/PCX/WMF graphic support, and much more.


Money Math for Windows 2.00 provides financial analysis tools capable of calculating Annuities, Bank Discount, Bonds, CDs, Compound Interest, Discounted Cash Flow, Loan Amortisation, and Simple Interest in ten different dialogue boxes. Overall, more than forty-five different unknown variables can be calculated. Extensive Windows help is available for each calculation dialogue box including 12 detailed examples.


Retirement Income Calculator 1.4 helps you evaluate your retirement finances. This can be used on a yearly basis to make sure that your retirement plan is on course.


TheBook for Windows 4.0a is an address/telephone number management program that prints your data in book, booklet, and ring-binder formats. Printouts are professionally paginated on both sides of the paper, using Windows' fonts and printers.


Top Draw 3.0 is a sophisticated drawing program for WIN31. It can be used for desktop publishing, illustrations, diagrams, logos, brochures, newsletters, and more.


TimeStat 1.2 provides quick statistical study of time series data, and can be used for pre-processing of neural network data and variables. Features include a complete spreadsheet with a rich subset of Excel 4.0 functions, the discrete wavelet transform (DWT), principal component analysis (PCA), adaptive moving averages (AMA), Z-scores, FFT, Fast Harley Transform, BDS tests, fractional differencing, Chi-square, and correlation with time lag.


The Typing Tutor 1.4 is a very good typing tutor for WIN31. Typing drills include keyboard practice, typing sentences of varying complexity, and numeric keypad drills. Drills can be edited for time and content to concentrate on weaker typing skills. As you type, the program displays a running account of your typing speed and percentage of accuracy. Drill scores are recorded based on the name of the typist, allowing multiple users to keep separate records of scores. This version will only work 10 times.


Vegetarian Cookbook 1.0 is a compilation of vegetarian recipes in Windows help file format. It includes recipes for soups, salads, vegetables, sauces, main dishes, breads, and desserts.


Meter Challenge 2.00 helps you teach or learn the use of ohmmeters and voltmeters in troubleshooting electronic circuits. Each program run is a new adventure requiring your skill to solve a realistic problem. The program generates thousands of varied situations which require more than rote theory. This program sets technical training on a space opera stage to add interest and purpose to serious training.


Fractal Explorer 1.0 generates images of mathematical objects based on the Mandelbrot set, a form of fractal or self-similar set of numbers. The object is first shown using large blocks, then is drawn using progressively smaller blocks until the entire object is shown in as much detail as the screen can hold. While the image is being generated, you can move it across the screen, increase or decrease magnification, and increase the move factor. Completed images may be saved to a file.



DigiTerm 1.5 is a full-featured communications program for Windows. It emulates popular terminals and supports major file transfer protocols, including X/Y/Zmodem. Support is provided for over 445 different modems with speeds up to 57,600 baud. Other features include background operation, host mode, automatic dialup, rescalable fonts, a powerful script language, user-defined command buttons, and more.


HTMASC 1.0 converts pages from the World Wide Web to plain text files, removing all HTML tags. It also provides full text handling capabilities with all the standard features like searching for text, using the Clipboard, printing, bookmarks, and an undo facility.


QuickHTML 1.0 is a simple-to-use HTML editor that allows you to develop and maintain your Internet homepage.


WebForms 2.1 is a World Wide Web forms generator which automatically creates HTML forms and reads their responses. Responses are sent to your email address, and no HTML knowledge is necessary. This comes complete with on-line help system and tutorial.


WinHTML 1.10 is an easy to use, intuitive program for creating and updating your Internet World Wide Web Homepage. It automatically generates HTML codes for text and document formats, graphics, lists, and links to other documents and websites. Support is included for extended and ASCII characters, and it links to your Web browser to allow document previewing as you edit. Requires VB40016.DLL.


WinTel32 1.02 is a communication program for Win95/NT. It features file transfer using ASCII, XModem, YModem, ZModem, and Kermit; VT100, ANSI Colour, VT52, and TTY terminal emulation; viewing GIF and JPEG images offline or while downloading; Telnet client for TCP/IP connection; uuencoding and decoding Internet files; and more. This version limits connect time to 20 minutes.



Ringjongg (32-bit) 2.0 is a puzzle game for Win95 that is similar to Mah Jongg, but uses 3-D rings instead of tiles. Features include full sound effects/voices, full-screen images with pop-up menus, and more.


Moraff's Spherical Mahjongg for Win95 3.0 is an unusual version of the ancient oriental game that uses 3D spheres instead of tiles. Features include the ability to save/recall games, support for up to 16 million colours, digitised sound effects and voices, and more.


Air Command 1.2 is a realistic Air Traffic Controller simulation for Windows where you must guide all the planes that appear on your radar safely to their destinations. You will encounter pass-throughs, take-offs, and landings. Requires 256-colour video and 6MB free hard disk space.


Cherry Delight Video Slots for Windows 3.2 is a realistic video slot machine simulation with beautiful graphics, digitised sounds, and wheel spinning animation. The game includes nine spinning wheels and eight pay lines. There are also bonus spins and a progressive bonus pool.


Dino Match 4.0 is a Windows memory-building game for ages 5 - 9. Rex the Tyrannosaurus has stolen all the books in the city and scattered them and their bookworms all over the place. Now, little Derik the Dinosaur has got to get them all back. As you wander the maze-like city streets collecting books, you will have to correctly play a match-the-numbers or Simon-like game against Rex. Fun digitised sounds, music and animation make this game a fun way for kids to sharpen their memorisation skills.


Dynamite Minesweeper 1.00 is a mine detection game for Windows where you move a "sensor" square around the minefield and see the signal vary from light to dark to tell you your proximity to the bomb.


Kids Concentration 5.1 is a simple WIN31 matching game for children. You can select to match numbers, colours, animals, letters, or toys with several levels of difficulty.


Mah Jongg for Windows 1.11 is a solitaire game played with colourful tiles. This is not the same version of Mah Jongg many Americans may be familiar with, but is more closely based on the original ancient Chinese rituals. Many different playing options are available, making this game suitable for both beginners and advanced players. An extensive help file is included.


Patience 1.0 is a collection of over 20 solitaire card games for Windows.


Tic Tac TV Trivia 2.2 is Windows version of the classic Tic Tac Toe game in which the player must answer TV trivia questions to select a block. Features include one or two-player modes, digitised WAV sound effects, and more. This version only works 14 times.


Valet Parking Game 1.0 is a simple logic game for Windows where you have to move the larger cars in a parking garage to remove the smallest one.


Robot Battle 1.3 allows you to design a robot for battle with up to five other deadly robotic challengers. You must program the proper amounts of intelligence and adaptability as well as superior battlefield tactics if you hope to win. Features include animation, digitised sound effects, matches with up to 65,000 games, and more.


Z&Z Color 3.2 is a colour-by-number program for children ages 3 and up. This entertaining package helps teach colours, numbers, letters, and improves memory skills. Several pictures are included and you may also create your own. Requires 2 Mb RAM and a mouse. CAPTICO. Captico 1.6 allows you to capture portions of 16-colour screens to save as icons.



Anno Domini 3.05 allows you to view a calendar for any month between the years 1753 and 2153, national holidays for the UK, USA, Canada and Europe, Christian festivals, moon phases and sunrise and sunset times for any location around the world. There is also an " On This Day" feature which shows 8 historical events and birthdays for the current date. Country specific details can be chosen from a database of 500+ cities around the world.


Clip Master Pro allows you to store hundreds of Windows Clipboard entries and keeps a running list of clips to choose from. All you have to do is click on the one you want and paste it directly into the current application. You can also recall the previous session's data, route screen shots to your printer via the Print Screen key, and populate multiple fields on a form with a single click. In addition, a built-in editor allows you to view and alter data prior to pasting.


CompKnow simulates much of the functionality of the WIN31 File Manager for Win95.


CTOT Converter 1.21 translates a dollar entry into text ($342.67, would be translated to "three hundred forty two dollars and sixty seven cents"). The output from this simple dialogue can be copied and pasted into other window applications.


HDSleep 1.2 allows you to control the Power Management of your IDE and EIDE hard disk drives even if your BIOS does not support it. You are able to define suspend times for one or all drives and you can easily activate or deactivate Power Management functions. Requires Win95.


IconScout 4.2 is a powerful icon browser for Win95. Features include the ability to change icon metrics and title fonts, assign individual icons to shortcuts of the shell, multi-language support, and much more.


Kitchen Sink 1.90 is a set of desktop utilities for Windows. This includes a program launcher, Notepad replacement, a wallpaper manager, calendar with notes, PKUNZIP shell, audio CD player, graphic viewer, and more.


Quick Keys 4.0 allows you to easily insert some of the most common symbols (copyright, fractions, accented letters, etc.) into a document. Unlike Character Map which requires you to first copy the character to the clipboard, you simply click once on the symbol and it is instantly transferred to the text cursor's location.


LFNSort 1.0 is a directory sorter for Win95. Sort order may be by name, extension, date/time of creation, modification or last access, file size, or custom order.


MoreMem 4.0b helps prevent the dreaded "out of memory" error when trying to load Windows programs. It achieves this goal by trying to insure that each application will have access to the required 512K of conventional DOS memory for its program segment prefix.


PKZIP for Windows 2.01 is a version of the popular archiving utility that works in the native Windows environment. It allows you to easily create, open, test, and extract ZIP files. Other features include drag and drop support, storing of all attribute and subdirectory information, the ability to store Win95 long file names, and more.


Safety Net (32-bit) 4.3 quickly and easily backs up important Win95/NT INI, GRP, and INF files, as well as your AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files. It can also be configured to back up other types of files. Requires VB40032.DLL.


Screen Grab 1.80 allows you to capture any area of the screen and save it to a BMP file. You can also invoke Paint Brush to edit the file before saving.


ThunderBYTE Anti-Virus for Windows 6.53 is a Windows front-end interface for use with the ThunderBYTE Anti-Virus Utilities version 6.05 or above. Includes a version for DOS.


TaskView (GR) 4.2 allows you to view and manage the active tasks currently operating on the computer in Win95/NT. This can be useful for terminating programs that are no longer cooperative, and to set the priorities of operating tasks.


WinU 2.03 is a Win95 menu system with timeout and security access features. It lets you set the amount of time that users can access a program. It also allows a warning "grace period," with a custom warning message that you can set, before it terminates the program. This is ideal for parents who want to limit children's access to the family PC, or computer stores that want to let the shopping public try their featured software without allowing access to the entire computer.


WinFax Pro Macro and Template allows easy faxing from Word 7 using WinFax Pro 7.


WRecall 1.0 is a date event reminder utility for Windows to provide advance notice for birthdays, anniversaries, meetings and other important dates.


Softline World Clock 6.5s is a global time utility for Windows. It displays a colourful map of the world and tells the date and time for any particular time zone relative to your selected "home" time zone. Major cities with the current date/time are scrolled in a Ticker Time Bar. Other features include stay-on-top options, a comprehensive help file, the ability to import graphics, and more. A mouse is required.




ACNET 5.20 calculates the steady state performance of circuits containing any combination of resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers, transistors (bipolar & FET), op-amps, mutual inductors and thermionic valves. The output shows the gain, phase shift, input and output impedances of the network at any given frequency and also provides gain plots over a wide frequency range. Comprehensive graph plotting facilities are included, as well as many circuit examples.


The China Clippers 2.29 is an illustrated tutorial on the history of the Chinese tea trade and clipper ships used to transport tea in the 1800s. The tutorial includes a variety of illustrations, including maps, trade routes, and pictures of famous clippers; an historic timeline; information on the manufacture, growing regions, and more.


Electrc 10.0 performs many electrical engineering and contracting calculations. It includes calculations for power factor correction, voltage drop, box fill and sizing, conduit fill, overcurrent and overload sizing, and many generalised calculations. It also includes quick reference tables for equipment and electrode ground conductors, kW to ampere conversion, underground cover requirements, ampacity table, and more.


MVP Paint 2.4 is a VGA graphics workshop. Features include animation, sunbursting, interpolation, trending, and palette manipulation permitting use of 262,144 colours. It supports EMS, XMS, disk-cache and PCX, GIF and VGA file formats. Requires 640K, VGA/SVGA, and a mouse. It has additional image processing, such as brighten and darken, image smoothing, contrasting, and more, support for BMP format, tile viewing.


PC Repair and Upgrade Tutorial 1.0 is a photo-illustrated guide to repairing and upgrading your computer and peripherals.



DE-HTML 1.2 converts HTML files to text format with all HTML tags removed.


FaxFile 2.1 is a graphical interface for quickly sending short messages and files over your FAX-capable modem. It also includes a phone book for keeping FAX numbers.


Make HTML 1.0 quickly converts ASCII text files to HTML format.


Panther Communications Software 1.0 is a full-featured freeware communications program. It includes a script language, seven of the most popular file transfer protocols and support for up to nine additional protocols, automatic dialler for unattended execution, twenty user-defined keystroke macros, and a scroll back buffer. The script language can be edited by any text editor and includes a function which will automatically correct errors. It supports DOS batch file commands, has the ability to run any DOS command or program, printer control, and the ability to link multiple script files.

TM421_1+ (4 files)

Telemate 4.21 is a communications program that is powerful, but easy to use. It allows you to prepare messages, view files, and so on while files are being downloaded. The screen backscroll feature allows saving all or parts of the screen to disk. It has Zmodem, Ymodem-G, Xmodem, SEAlink and CompuServe protocols built in. A script language lets you automate log-on sessions. A DOS command window and terminal command stack are included. Requires 480k DOS RAM. Makes good use of a mouse if you have one, but it is not required. It is DESQview aware and has support for expanded memory. DTR is dropped when initialising the modem and between dialling to reset the modem, form feed now sent to the printer after printing a file or the clipboard, added access to hidden directories.



Champions of Zulula 1.1 is a fighting game with over 15 monster opponents to choose from. You can fight one-on-one, participate in a monsters bash, or compete in elimination contests. When you feel you're ready, you can challenge the three evil fighting lords.


Friction 1.0 is a puzzle arcade game in which you must get through one perplexing predicament after another by climbing ropes, jumping over spikes, and dodging deadly spiders to reach the key and exit into the next level.


Hubie 1.0 You must determine the best way to get Hubie to the exit door while avoiding spikes, falling blocks, and other deadly obstacles. Use the various objects, such as spring boards, balloons, pipes, and ice cubes, to construct the proper path which leads to the next level. This is a fun and challenging game.


Gladiator 3.7 is a gauntlet style real-time arcade game where you must destroy all other teams in a variety of scenarios. Each scenario gives you access to a variety of character classes, some with interesting special abilities. Your goal in each case is to destroy all your opponents with as few team losses as possible. The game features 320x200x256 colour graphics, SoundBlaster compatible sound, independent AI control of over 100 characters, and high speed animation.


Zoom, The Super Bear 2.0 is a children's arcade game. A bolt of magic has transformed Zoom into a super hero. Now he defends Beartown against a host of evil creatures, such as flaming turnips, flying dirt clods, and prancing pretzels.



AntiViral Toolkit Pro 2.2 is a virus scanner which detects thousands of viruses and trojans. It can also scan for viruses within ZIP, ARJ, LZH, and RAR archives and other compressed format.


Cut & Paste 2.20 is a text mode, mouse based program that allows you to select a part of the screen and paste it to the keyboard buffer, to a file, or to a printer. It works in a Windows DOS box.


DosMaster 3.01 organises many popular DOS commands and routine tasks in a set of pull-down menus, allowing you to choose commands, add switches and other parameters, and execute the command, all from the menu.


EaglePlus Utilities 3.0 is a set of over 30 utilities to enhance operations in DOS. It includes tools to detect the transfer speed of CD-ROM drives, display calendars, reboot with various parameters, display current video mode, search for text strings in binary files, search for and launch executable files, and more.


File Finder Pack 5.2 will find files on your hard disk and present them in a scrollable list. It will optionally search inside ARC, LZH and ZIP files or by file date. The file list may be sorted by name, extension, date, size, PATH and you can display the list in one of two different formats. From the scrollable list you can delete or execute files. You can also tell it to execute a command on the files that it finds as it finds them; files can even be found based on file attributes. Other features include the ability to perform operations on groups of tagged files; an option to shell to DOS; and the ability to enter a skeleton command and indicate where to plug in the highlighted file name(s). The program is network aware and automatically searches all local and hard drives for files. Support is also provided for ARJ compression files and for LHA 2.05, 2.10 and 2.11 files.


MacroEdit 4.03 is a powerful batch file enhancement program which includes a set of over 80 macros. The bracketed macro expressions within batch files are replaced with the macro value. For example, including [day$] in the command line would expand to the day of the week (to perform tasks on certain days of the week, etc.). When brackets are left empty, parameters typed in at the command line are incorporated into the line of the batch file for the desired result. You can also use the DOS redirection symbols to add files and pipe commands into programs that accept standard input. A set of example batch files and tips for usage are included.


HyperDisk SpeedKit 4.75 is a set of system speed-up utilities: a disk cache program, a video speed-up utility, and a keyboard enhancer that enlarges the type-ahead buffer and lets you set the typeamatic rate


TypeAhed.Sys 1.0 is a device driver which extends the keyboard buffer to 256 keystrokes.


Keyboard Xtender 1.0 extends the keyboard buffer to 256 keystrokes from the CONFIG.SYS file. Assembly source code is included.

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