Sixteen Bits Online

JUNE 1996

Volunteer Update

by Andrew Clayton

PCUG (ACT) Users Helping Users Calling Volunteers!

If you are currently doing voluntary work for the PCUG and you have not contacted the Volunteer Coordinator, please contact Andrew Clayton:

so he can add you to the register! HR>

Over the past eighteen months, the group membership has swelled from just over two thousand members, to about three thousand four hundred members. During the same period the number of volunteers who make the group function, has increased only by about 20 to 200.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any group, and when the same people are called on to do all of the work, all of the time, even the staunchest, keenest, altruistic people can become jaded. New people to help with the running of the group, are always welcome.

The volunteers the group depends upon ARE appreciated. To that end the volunteer coordinator is going to organise a volunteer's day sometime in August. More information on this event will be published in next month's magazine (when a plan is actually in place).

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