To: PCUG Members 
Subject: The AGM and next year's committee

Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2007

The PC  Users Group has been the NRMA for my computer use throughout the 21 years of my membership. No matter what the problem has been, there has been some member or some facility provided by the Group that has enabled me to solve the computing problem or fill the computing need of the day.

The law requires that the PCUG be run by a Committee elected by its members at the Annual General Meeting each year, and this year's AGM is now only just over 6 weeks away, with the deadline for nominations 6 days before that.

I had been searching my brain for the right words to encourage the membership to come forward and save us from the extinction that will overtake us if we fail to provide a Committee on Wednesday 3rd October 2007, and feeling that I am the only person carrying that load.

Karen Adams, our hard working and so helpful Office Manager and friend, showed me that not only am I not the only person with this problem, but someone else has expressed the problem in words that would only need changes to place names and the odd detail.

Lyn Goodall, President of the Melbourne PC User Group  says it all in
will download the nomination form for next year's committee, or link to the form from our home page at

Peter Watney