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All issues of 16 Bits are being re-catalogued into one central location, located at
Please go directly there to view the progress of indexing for all issues of 16 Bits, current and previous.

Welcome to Sixteen Bits,
PCUG (ACT) Inc's monthly on-line magazine.

The PCUG journal SIXTEEN BITS (ISSN 8017-0991) is published monthly and is one of the communication mediums for the group. Members are encouraged to offer content to the magazine, such as feature articles written by group members; hardware, software and book reviews; programming tips; reports of current activities and events, and the Help Directory listing members who are willing to provide assistance to other members on particular topics.

SIXTEEN BITS is available to members electronically and to a number of individuals and libraries overseas. Members have a choice of receiving the newsletter as a PDF attachment to an email or of downloading it from the web site. The Group has established a magazine exchange policy with major user groups around the world, and thus maintains ongoing contact with other microcomputing enthusiasts.

SIXTEEN BITS was, until 2003 published as a glossy magazine, and posted to members and other interested bodies, but since that time has been published electronically only. Please see below for links issues of Sixteen Bits magazine.

January/February 2000 issue (1.9Mb)

Back issues

Sixteen Bits Online

The list of newsletter issue dates below will lead you directly to the newsletter issued in that month.

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Advice on Protecting Your Computer March 2003  (66Kb)

Minutes of the 2002 Annual General Meeting  (148Kb)

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