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Please Note: Information on this site is outdated, and is retained for historical interest only. For current information please see the new PCUG website. .

  • We are a non-profit community based Organisation - Our motto is "Users helping Users"

  • Our well equipped Centre is accessible 7 days/week (excluding public holiday long-weekends and the Christmas / New Year period), pending available volunteer staff.
  • The centre includes:
    • the PCUG office;
    • a meeting room;
    • computer lab for training, workshops and SIGS (with overhead projector);
    • computers for general member use; and
    • a multi-media room (with slide scanner, and varied digital conversion equipment)
    • (All computers have broadband access to the internet)

  • We provide training and workshops in our centre.
  • Email account and local dial-up access free with membership.

  • Anywhere Australia Dial-up for the cost of a local call.
  • Monthly (downloadable) Web Newsletter.

  • Help information  including on-line help guide, members who are familiar with a particular aspect of PCs can provide assistance (listed in 16 bits), and home help information.

  • Monthly meetings on Items of interest to PC Users.

  • Special Interest Group (SIG)s open to all members. Examples are 'Coffee & Chat', Digital Photography, Investments, Linux, and Beginners Groups.

  • Full Broadband and Dial-up Internet services run by our volunteers. We were one of  the first ISPs in Canberra and members have never been required to change their Email address.

  • Local access to Open Source Software and information.

  • Discounts and Special offers .


Above all, we are a friendly group. All are Welcome!


Last Updated on 7 Aug 2012

PC Users Group (ACT) Inc
27 Mulley Street
Holder  ACT  2611
(02) 6287 2922


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