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SIGS - What are they? Special Interest Groups are created by members within the group as a forum for the dicussion of a particular aspect of computing. SIGs come and go - some last years, some only months. Typically a group of people with similar interests will get together to form a SIG, and will hold regular meetings or other activities.

Starting a SIG: If you would like to form a SIG, the Group will be happy to fund refreshments and to provide the PCUG Centre as a venue (other engagements permitting). Within reason the Group will also support any special projects the SIG embarks upon. Listed below are some SIGs which are active at the time of writing. If you would like to start a SIG or you are a SIG convener and have questions, please contact the SIG Coordinator.

Event Information: PCUG endeavours to ensure that information supplied on this SIGS page is current, and such details are current at the time of posting. An item revision date is noted next to each item. Despite all efforts, details (such as operating times, or venue) may alter at any time. We recommend that you also consult the PCUG Calendar to confirm attendance information.

SIG Index ( item revised   6 April 2011 )

Beginner's Daytime SIG
Beginner's Daytime SIGs with Eleanor
Digital Imaging
Coffee N Chat
Plain English Computer Chat Group (for non-geeks)
Linux Learners Group
Advanced Linux Users Group
Investment Group
Bytes SIG
Computers and Vegetarianism SIG

Beginners' DAYTIME SIG (item revised 07 March 2011)

Have you got computer questions you would like to ask but don't know how to find the answer? Come along and join the Beginners' SIG that meets on the second Tuesday of every month (except January) at the PCUG Centre from 12.45-2.45pm.

This can be more basic than Coffee and Chat [we try to accommodate all computer uses - new and old].

Would you like to know more about any of the following topics?
   Search Engines: how to search the Internet
   Outlook Express: emails, address book
   Windows - Folders: how to file and find your information
   Word: how to set up letters and use some of the icons
   Excel: how to use spreadsheets or formulas
   Antivirus and Malware instruction
and more.

You have the opportunity to ask any silly questions - we will try to answer them for you or we will try and help you out. You don't need to have experience just come along with your questions and learn some computer shortcuts.

For the meeting details please e-mail:  Gordon Urquhart (or phone 6254 5480 between 9am and 5pm)

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Beginners' DAYTIME SIG with Eleanor (item revised 06 April 2011)

This group meets at PCUG Training Centre, 2nd Thursday of the month, 9.30-12noon.

9.30-10.40   Demonstrations e.g. handling digital photos using Picasa; buying and selling online; family history sources of information; social media; Skype; how to play YouTube clips and music.

11-12noon   After a break, there will be a Q&A for participants on topics such as emailing, basic tips about Windows, short cuts and techniques, hints for Word etc.

Beginners' DAYTIME SIG with Eleanor

This group meets at PCUG Training Centre, 4th Thursday of the month, 9.30-12noon.

This session focuses on using Google and making the most of information you find on the Internet, saving Favorites, finding useful software, emailing and using other online facilities.

Both groups provide:
      guidance from PCUG experts (Mike Dinn, Arthur Palmer, John Saxon and others)
      hands-on learning
      responses to all questions
      an opportunity for Absolute Beginners to advance in their computing
      follow-up documentation

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Digital Imaging (Item revised 06 Jan, 2010)

[Updated Information pending ......]

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Coffee N Chat (Item revised 05 Apr, 2010)

Drink coffee (or tea!) and chat about anything and everything. Meetings are held every second Tuesday, alternately at the North Side and South Side. For South Side meetings there is Coffee and Chat from 10:00am, 10:30am meeting start, and 12:00 midday meeting ends; for North Side meetings there is informal discussion from 9:30am, meeting from 10:00am to 11:30am and informal discussion afterwards until 12:00 midday. The dates for these meetings are shown in the PCUG Calendar of Events.

North Side meetings have resumed back to the original venue at Wests at Catchpole St. Macquarie for the North side. Contact Terry Bibo at tgbibo[at]gmail[dot]com

South Side meets at the Irish Club, Weston. Contact John Saxon at jsaxon[at]pcug[dot]org[dot]au

For more details go to the Coffee & Chat site. Note: this site will be integrated with the PCUG web site.

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Canberra's Plain English Computer Chat Group
(Item revised 29 April 2010)
Home of the NonGeeks network
aka Canberra's Plain English computer chat group

If the web link above does not work for you, copy and paste the link below into your browser's address bar http://sites.google.com/site/nongeeks/Home.

The network centres around an informal monthly meeting with an open agenda, where people gather for a coffee and to chat about computers and the internet. The key is openness, friendliness and sharing. People often stay on for lunch together at their pleasant venue, the Canberra Irish Club. Outside of the monthly meetings, the network operates through two important networking tools: the contact list, and the googlegroups email list.

For meeting details see the NonGeeks membership page.

Convenor:  Philip Bell, E-mail: philip[dot]bell[at]gmail[dot]com, Phone: 6251 5837

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Linux Learners Group    

Why use Linux? People have different reasons. Some use it as a virus and spyware countermeasure, others are attracted to robust software or the bonus is that it is usually free.

The SIG is for newcomers and early-adopters of Linux. We currently meet twice a month for presentations and hands-on discussion.  Meetings run from 09:45am until midday, alternately at the PCUG Centre, Holder (first Thursday of each month) and Wests Rugby Club, Macquarie (third Thursday of each month).
Select this link for dates and agenda.

Come along to a meeting with your Linux queries or problems and bring your hardware too. Preferably email Rod or Richard beforehand.  There is a SIG discussion forum available to all PCUG members. See our website for details and more Linux information.

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Advanced Linux Users Group

Using and abusing this freeware Unix clone for PC hardware. Contact Stephen Rothwell at sfr@canb.auug.org.au, 6231 6648 (ah). Meetings are held at 7.00pm on the fourth Thursday of each month (except December), at Room N101, Computer Science Dept, Australian National University. For more information and a map please refer to the Canberrra Linux Users Group (CLUG) web site.

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Investment Group (Item revised 06 Jan, 2010)

Meets at the PCUG Centre, Holder on the fourth Thursday of the month from 7.30pm.

The motto of the PC Users Group is ‘Users helping Users’ and the Investment SIG is one of a number of Special Interest Groups formed within PCUG by members who have a common interest. At our monthly meetings the Investment SIG has member discussion groups, as well as guest speakers and demonstrations on share trading, property investment, DIY superannuation, portfolio management, technical analysis and software packages.

If you are new to investment, or even an old hand, feel free to come along and exchange experiences or knowledge with others having a similar interest. Please email enquiries to Tom Graf tgraf[at]pcug[dot]org[au].

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Bytes is a PC Users Group (PCUG) SIG, the members of which meets occasionally in Canberra, Australia, over a meal to discuss computing, and a range of other topics of interest to members.

The Computers and Vegetarianism Special Interest Group (CVSIG) is also a PCUG SIG, made up of a group of computer users, who also have an interest in vegetarianism, and in particular how computers and computer networks might be used as an aid to gaining information on, and living, a vegetarian lifestyle.

It would be appreciated if those who hope to attend could advise Andrew Freeman of this (he can also provide further information on the groups). Andrew only routinely attends the meetings if new people plan to attend, so it is important if you plan to attend a CVSIG meeting for the first time, that you advise Andrew of this.

More details are available at: http://members.pcug.org.au/~afreeman/cvsig.html

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LAN SIG (Item revised 07 Apr, 2010)

The LAN special interest group learns about managing small networks. The principles are the same as those applied in the business world and can be applied equally to the home network or small organisations like the PCUG. Using virtual machines the full process of creating a domain and networking workstations can be experienced. Although there is much theory to learn, this is largely a hands-on group where you can immediately test what you learn by practice in a fully functional virtual network. The LAN SIG is led by our LAN Manager, Allan Hepworth, on alternate Wednesdays from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. Check the calendar for dates and contact Ben Cauchi at training at pcug dot org dot au for more information.

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Last Updated on 20 April 2011

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