Main Monthly Meeting - May 2004

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Flight Simulator 2004 - the PCUG aeroplane

The PCUG Air Show

Flight Simulator 2004 - GPS display showing map of Canberra



31 May 2004

7:30 PM

Theatre 3

Manning Clarke Centre

Australian National University


The PCUG Monthly Main Meeting on 31 May 2004 will be something very different. PCUG member Air Commodore (Ret’d) Roger Lowery will demonstrate Flight Simulator 2004. Roger has had 33 years experience flying many types of aircraft and, since his retirement, has used that experience to add impressive realism to Microsoft’s Flight Simulator.

This is not a ‘shoot em down’ games package, but rather a serious tool for those wishing to experience the pleasures and problems of learning to fly an aircraft. It could even be considered a serious training aid for aspiring pilots. While earlier versions of Flight Simulator may have been less realistic, the latest version, FS2004, contains all the software to create functions and situations as they would occur when actually flying an aircraft.

Roger has taken the basic package and enhanced it by creating his own individual aircraft or modifying those available for download from the net. This has involved many months of work in using his aeronautical knowledge and “AFDS” or “gmax” to build each of the thousands of individual components to their authentic specifications.

And how does it perform? Come along and see! Dual monitors add to the effect: the first is driven by the flight simulator and concentrates on internal and external views of the selected aircraft or its cockpit; the second displays a real commercial GPS system that takes data from the flight simulator to superimpose the aircraft’s position on a genuine GPS moving map display
Flight Simulator 2004 is also an excellent way to gain a working knowledge of meteorology, navigation, aerodynamics, global positioning, flight planning and other skills necessary to fly an aircraft successfully. But, in addition, it will enhance your computer knowledge in areas such as image and sound manipulation.

If you are interested in aviation, computer simulation or just plain fun, come and see Roger Lowery and the PCUG Air Crew show the state of the art in digital aviation on Monday 31 May at 7:30 pm at the ANU Manning Clark Complex, Theatre 3.

It’s FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Bring your family, friends and workmates.


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