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PCUG Training Coordination Team: If you have an interest in being involved, please contact the PCUG Committee.

What is Training at PCUG?  
'Training' with PCUG is definitely a unique experience for each of us, as we have varied skills and knowledge, therefore seeking varied levels of information and support.  A more appropriate question is 'What Learning Opportunities exist at PCUG?' Our members come to the group with varied skill levels. Some are beginners. Some are advanced.  But at some stage or another, everyone can learn something. We learn from each other, hence our motto "Users Helping Users" is as much about what you can give, as what you can get.

So how can we learn and  what do we offer?


PCUG offers a variety of SIGs (special interest groups) for social and learning opportunities.

Facilities at the PCUG Centre:
The PCUG centre has
facilities to experiment and develop skills 'hands on' via a variety of specialised and general equipment for members to access.  This may support  teaching, or practicing of skills.
The training room is equipped with 1 trainer and 11 student computers with an overhead projector and whiteboards. The operating system uses a virtual environment which is easy to manage, so we can cater for users with a wide variety of interests.  The media room has digital media and sound equipment.  Just being at the centre can bring unknown opportunities via who you may run into. Drop in and join us for a cuppa.

Trainers & direct training at the Centre:
Members periodically arrange to share their skills using the Centre facilities. Such training is informal and well described as 'sharing information'. Details of classes are generally advertised in the PCUG Newsletter, and on the PCUG Calendar of Events. Bookings of the training room & media room are made via the PCUG office. Link to Training Room Documentation

Use of the Training Room by Member Non-Profit Organisations and their guests:
The PCUG Centre may  be used by  member  N-P Organisations, and their guests for use such as  training, tuition, or demonstrations.  Full information via our Terms and Conditions.

Microsoft Training Materials:
The PCUG Centre is a Microsoft Unlimited Potential Centre. We have web-based information, and centre based information for self-guided learning on a range of Microsoft products.

Help - when you need to know something, who can you ask, and how?
From time to time we all need a little advice. Our Members' Benefits page supports useful links to help information, such as online help form, newsletter information etc.
The TIP website also outlines help information related to TIP services and support.
The 16bits magazine has now been replaced with a fortnightly information newsletter, but archived issues still contains great reading.  Do you have a skill that could assist another member? If so, please contact the PCUG office, with details of your skills, preferred contact details, and availability options. (We hold Help Referral Information at the PCUG office).

Last Updated on 1 August 2010

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