Main Monthly Meeting - February 2005

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Free Software Development Methology
 - Dr Andrew Tridgell


Tuesday 1 February 2005

7:30 PM

Haydon Allen Lecture Theatre (facility 23)

Australian National University


Firstly, welcome to 2005! Let’s hope that 2005 will only bring us good things, great health and great wealth!

As the President has announced, the PC Users Group Main Monthly Meeting will be held on the first Tuesday night of the month during 2005. The planned dates are:

1 February 3 May 2 August 1 November
1 March 7 June 6 September  
5 April 5 July 4 October  

The meetings will commence at 7:30 pm and are normally held in the Manning Clark Centre Lecture Theatre 3, Australian National University, Acton. However, the 1 February 2005 meeting will commence at 7:30 pm in the Haydon Allen Lecture Theatre (The Tank) NOT the Manning Clark Centre Lecture Theatre 3. View the ANU map showing the location of the Haydon Allen Lecture Theatre (facility 23) and Manning Clark Centre Lecture Theatre 3 (facility 26A). The monthly meetings are free. Members, friends and the public are welcome to attend. Stay for coffee, tea, biscuits and good company after the meeting! E-mail inquiries to or phone 02-6253-4911.

Open Source Software (OSS) is a subject gaining increasing attention right across the world. Many governments, companies and the public are beginning to look to it as the way of the future because like the Internet: nobody owns it; operating costs are controllable; many of the services available are either free or cost little; there are various alternatives; and, there is programming freedom.

Due to this new interest in OSS, PCUG members are looking to alternatives, even to the extent of experimenting with software such as Mozilla Firefox, Knoppix, Open Office and others. To augment this new interest, the February and March monthly PCUG meetings will be devoted to OSS topics.

Here in Canberra we are very fortunate to have one of the leading lights of the OSS world, Dr Andrew Tridgell. Wikipedia states that Dr Tridgell “is the original author of and frequent contributor to the Samba file server.” What is Samba? Samba is a set of programs that allow non-Windows PCs to be networked with PCs run under Microsoft Windows. Dr Tridgell has a worldwide reputation for his work. Come and hear Dr Andrew Tridgell at:

7:30 pm 1 February 2005 at the Haydon Allen Lecture Theatre (The TANK), Haydon Allen Building, Australian National University, Canberra.

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