Other SIGs

Periodically, Special Interest Groups may go into periods of recess, pending varied circumstances (such as a coordinator for the group not being available, or low demand for the topic at the time).

Suggestions for new SIGs are also welcome.

Enquiries welcome. Please see our Contacts page to select the appropriate contact for your query.

SIGs in recess:


Expressions of Interest:

  • Android Chat Group
  • Apple Computers

Related Groups and Activities:

  • PCUG has varied affiliations with other Community and/or Non-Profit Groups in the Canberra region. Some of these sources may support an interest you have, if not provided by PCUG in the immediate.
  • See the link in the header above for information on same.
  • Please use as a guide only ~ noting that information is not all conclusive, and group details may vary.