Email – Webmail services (TIP and others)

TIP has,  until recently,  provided support for  three different web-based email (‘webmail’) interfaces:

  • PHPost
  • MailReader
  • Squirrelmail

However,  we will be removing the first two mail readers on the list at the end of December 2011 as they are is no longer supported by their developers,  and cannot be maintained with a suitable degree of security.   Please use Squirrelmail instead.

The Squirrelmail service uses a secure connection,  and to avoid unnecessary warnings you’ll probably want to install the root certificate as described on the Security Certificates page.

Note that Squirrelmail uses the IMAP protocol,  which allows you to create mail folders in your home directory.

External Webmail services

Many other ISP’s and Internet companies provide Webmail services;  some of these services include: