Main Monthly Meeting: Wednesday 1st August 2007

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PCUG MMM Event Timetable
Topic: Linux Open SUSE 10.2
Presenter(s): Chris Gacesa
When: Wednesday 1st August 2007
(7.00pm for a 7.30pm start)
Where: Rheinberger Centre conference room
Downloads: .pdf information flyer (including session details and map)

Linux Open SUSE 10.2 Presentation

Here is a PDF file (1.56MB) containing the presentation given by Chris Gacesa of Novell at the PCUG Main Monthly Meeting of 2007 August 1. The file has slides in it explaining Novell's SUSE Linux strategy and practices.  The meeting was well received by the attending members.

Chris demonstrated many of the features of SUSE Linux (including "eye candy") that are comparable to features of Microsoft Vista, as presented in July's main monthly meeting (Full details of previous meetings are listed below). Chris also mentioned numerous applications included for free in SUSE Linux, such as Open Office, Firefox and Evolution.

PCUG extends appreciation to Chris Gacesa and Novell for bringing along a large supply of free SUSE Linux install DVDs for attending members. The install disks were appreciated and many members expressed an interest in trying SUSE Linux.

Meeting: The next Main Monthly Meeting of the PC Users Group will be held on Wednesday 1st August 2007 from 7:30pm at the Rheinberger Centre conference room.

The presenter is Chris Gaseca,  the Solution Architect for Novell working from their Canberra office. He will introduce us to Novell’s Linux offering, Open Suse 10.2, and compare it with their Enterprise Desktop/Server distribution. 


Whether you are already a Linux user or not, you will find the insight into this alternative operating system of interest. You will be able to compare the features in Linux with those in Windows and learn which applications you can use. Chances are, that you can use the same application under Linux as you now use under Windows. So here is something worth considering, especially as there is so little cost to you under the concept of open source software. Chris will tell us about the investment large corporations like Novell are putting into it. See his presentation at our MMM on August 1st. There will be time for your questions during the presentation.

Venue: Entry to the Rheinberger Centre is via Loch Street on the corner of Weston Street Yarralumla.
The centre has well lit grounds, easy access to the conference room and plenty of off-street parking.


Map Showing the Rheinberger Centre
Map of Rheinberger Centre ACT



 The monthly meetings are free. Members, friends and the public are invited to attend. Don’t rush home after the meeting! Stay for coffee, tea, biscuits and good company. It’s all free! Renew acquaintances, meet new people and ask those questions you didn’t get a chance to ask at the meeting! Membership inquiries are welcomed! Email inquiries to or phone 02-6287-2922.

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