PCUG Training

The training room was closed on 30 Nov 2021.

This page overviews information about our Training Facilities & Courses. The picture above shows our former training room at the PCUG Centre in Holder. PCUG has returned to the Grant Cameron Community Centre (GCCC), Room 35 – Floor 2A, 27 Mulley St, Holder.

Phone 1800 728 853 (option 3) for information.

U3A computer courses. can be found at:U3A Canberra Computer Course Prospectus

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Training with PCUG is definitely a unique experience for each of us,  as we have varied skills and knowledge,  therefore seeking varied levels of information and support.  A more appropriate question is ‘What Learning Opportunities exist at PCUG?’  Our members come to the group with varied skill levels.  Some are beginners.  Some are advanced.  But at some stage or another,  everyone can learn something.  We learn from each other,  hence our motto “Users Helping Users”  is as much about what you can give,  as what you can get.

So how can we learn and what do we offer?

Expressions of Interest for courses may be taken at any time. We endeavour to match training skill with members requests. Please contact us if you have skills to share, or wish to lodge a course interest.

The PCUG Computer Room has facilities to experiment and develop skills ‘hands on’ via a variety of specialised and general equipment for members to access.  This may support teaching,  or practising of skills.

Training Courses.

Members periodically arrange to share their skills using the pcug Computer Room facilities, or other locations, as decided by the course organiser.  Such training is informal and well described as ‘sharing information’.  Details of classes are advertised in the PCUG Information wiki in the Activities and Opportunities Training Courses section, and dates are listed on the PCUG Calendar.  Expressions of interest on topics or other enquiries may be made via our contact form to the Training Coordinator.
Volunteering  (Users Helping Users):

Volunteer Trainers & Assistants are always in demand. But noting that, becoming a volunteer does not necessarily mean taking on a major coordination role. Any assistance is appreciated.

We encourage members to make themselves available for a few hours a week to:

  • help to answer or refer queries
  • to come along and support SIGs
  • be a training assistant to support the trainers in our courses
  • help keep the Computer Room and LAN systems maintained
  • help edit and update pages on the PCUG website

These and other small jobs would help us immensely. Please note that these jobs do not necessarily require advanced computer skills. We will provide full training and support where necessary. Just being there will help our other volunteers, give you the satisfaction from helping others, and quite possibly let you learn new skills.

Further details of varied PCUG activities and Volunteer Role descriptions are on the PCUG Information Wiki in the Activities and Opportunities section. Members are invited to view, provide feedback or edit the information therein.