Computers & Vegetarianism SIG (CVSIG)

Bytes and Computers &  Vegetarianism SIGs

The Bytes SIG meets occasionally in Canberra over a meal to discuss computing,  and a range of other topics of interest to members.

The Computers &   Vegetarianism SIG (CVSIG) is made up of a group of computer users,  who also have an interest in vegetarianism,  and in particular how computers and computer networks might be used as an aid to gaining information on,  and living,  a vegetarian lifestyle.

It would be appreciated if those who hope to attend SIG meetings could advise the CVSIG convenor,  Andrew Freeman of this (he can also provide further information on the groups).   Andrew only routinely attends the meetings if new people plan to attend,  so it is important if you plan to attend a CVSIG meeting for the first time,  that you advise Andrew of this.  More details are available here or email:  Andrew Freeman