How can you contribute volunteer efforts to the PCUG?

All of PCUG services are provided by enthusiastic and willing volunteer members.  PCUG would not be able to continue without the efforts of our volunteers.  Different members get different things from their volunteering involvement  –  work experience,  the satisfaction of helping others,  contacts in various fields,  who knows?

If you would like to volunteer your services in any capacity,  no matter how small,  just tell us who you are and what sorts of things you’d like to do.  Here is just a partial list of some of the areas available to you!


Volunteering on the PCUG Committee  –  make a difference!   Committee members are required to keep our services viable,  and we would welcome your assistance!   If you have management skills,  or just enthusiasm or interest,  we would love to hear from you.  Please contact either the Committee or the Secretary.

Network Support:  If you have technical skills,  or are up the curve on Windows networking and servers,  or could help us with small building type maintenance jobs,  we would love to hear from you.

Training:  see the training page for full details.

Member Services

The Main Monthly Meetings take considerable organising as well and they are currently in recess pending finding a volunteer to take on the job  –  nevertheless, if you could help,  know an expert (commercial or private) who might like to speak,  or would like to give a talk on any PC related subject  –  please contact the Committee.  We are waiting to hear from you!

TIP systems administration  –  TIP,  the PCUG member’s Internet service relies on a dedicated group of volunteer systems administrators.   If you have good Linux skills and are interested in supporting TIP,  please contact the the TIP systems administrators.

Help and assistance to members

Remember our motto is “Users Helping Users”.  We always need people who can help others with their many and varied PC problems,  if you have some experience with a particular program,  or hardware item it would be great to add you to our list of members who might be able to help by phone.  Please contact the office.

We have a Help via Email system and you could possibly dip a toe in the water by ‘lurking’ and then perhaps helping on that mailing list.

Finally we often provide help and advice to members in their own homes – if you have plenty of PC skills and a caring and patient disposition  –  please contact the Office Manager.