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Coffee and Chat SIG

Note: Physical Meetings are Suspended Due To COVID-19

A system for holding meetings using teleconferencing is being developed. See the mailing list for details.

The Coffee and Chat SIG (also known as Coffee’n’Chat, or simply CnC) is one of the PCUG’s longest running SIGs.  Drink coffee (or tea!) and chat about anything and everything.  Meetings are held every Tuesday,  alternately at the North Side and South Side.  Members are encouraged to support the clubs by purchasing coffee, and maybe lunch.

For South Side meetings there is Coffee and Chat from 11:30am, and meeting ends about 01:00pm;

for North Side meetings there is informal discussion may occur from 11:00am, with the meeting from 11:30am to 01:00pm.

The dates for these meetings are shown in the PCUG Calendar.

North Side meetings are held at Southern Cross Club (previously – Wests Rugby Club),  Macquarie.  Contact  Ted Tregillgas.

South Side meetings are held at the Irish Club,  Weston.  Contact  John Saxon.


An informal Charter  gives the basis for the group. It was prepared by Gloria Robbins who founded the group in 1994


See the Coffee and Chat Home Page. Here are some notes from that page.For persons considering to join the group, some practical notes can be found here.

A listing of members and current mailing list archives is available to members who subscibe to the mailing list.

An *old* (pre 2002) archive of minutes can be found here.

And  a local listing of members can be found  here

Mailing List

The mailing list can be subscribed to by visiting the Subscription page.