i-Sig (iPhones & iPads)


The iSig has closed, after having been in-active and in recess since December 2014.
Please note that the iSig mailing list is no longer active.

PCUG has not discounted that this group, or a similar one, can re-establish pending coordinator support and suitable venue.  Please contact PCUG for any enquiries about PCUG activities.

Historical Information on the PCUG i-Sig


  • Following popular requests for a SIG supporting the use of i-devices, in August 2014, the PCUG Office Manager, Karen, (as a volunteer) commenced a new iSIG for beginners. The group closed in December 2014, when the PCUG centre premises were vacated, and the commitments of the coordinator changed.
  • This group was not directly affiliated with the Apple company in any way, but was supported by users of Apple products.
  • This friendly group was for PCUG members who were beginners learning their way around their iPhone or iPad, and had a wish to feel more confident about using their device.
  • Collective knowledge is a powerful tool. You don’t need to be an expert to share knowledge, just enjoy using your i-device and a wish to see others do the same.
  • The format was an open discussion group with both beginners and more experienced members from PCUG all contributing. Sessions had a main topic of discussion, pre-advised via email. Questions were invited, and if not answered from the floor, they could be followed up. Our mailing list extended the network beyond the face-to-face sessions.
  • The equipment set-up allowed for interactive discussion and demonstration by varied members from the floor, with screen mirroring capability from multiple devices. Participants brought along their own devices (iPad or iPhone), with the aim that internet access was available at the venue, supported by overhead projector etc.

 Looking for more information?

  • i-device groups are becoming more popular as more people realise the convenience and portability of i-devices. Doing an internet search on Apple groups in Canberra is a good place to start.