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Notice of the
2010 PCUG
Annual General Meeting


The Annual General Meeting of the PC Users Group (ACT) Incorporated will be held at the Grant Cameron Community Centre Conference Room, 27 Mulley Street HOLDER ACT 2611 on Thursday, 14th October, 2010: Doors open at 7:00 PM for a commencement at 7:30 PM.

Members should bring their Membership Cards as evidence of their entitlement to vote at the meeting.
A reminder that we cannot operate without a viable Committee, & that nominations close on Friday 8th October 2010. Nomination forms can be found at AGM information. Other relevant information will be added to that location nearer the AGM.
The Agenda:

  1. Apologies;
  2. Confirm the minutes of the Annual General Meeting of 2009;
  3. President's report on the activities of the Group during the past financial year;
  4. Treasurer's report on the state of the accounts;
  5. Appointment of an auditor for the coming financial year;
  6. Presentation of the Volunteer of the Year Award;
  7. Election of a returning officer to preside over the election of a committee;
  8. Declare all committee positions vacant;
  9. Election of members of the committee, including office bearers;
  10. Meeting close.
There will be an ordinary Monthly Meeting following the AGM with a presentation by Karen Adams on her recent attendance at the ASCCA Conference in Sydney, followed by tea, coffee and chat.
A copy of the Audited Financial Statement will be posted in the next few days on the TIP website at the AGM information pages.
Note that this statement has not yet been endorsed and signed by the President and Treasurer. This will happen soon but the statement is not fully authenticated until that happens.
Copies will also be available at the PCUG Centre and at the meeting.
Please note that you will need a TIP account (available free to all members) to access any "members only" information on our website. Please contact the office to arrange for an account if you do not already have one.
Allan Mikkelsen - Secretary
PC User's Group (ACT) Inc
Ph Centre: 02-6287-2922

The Main Monthly Meeting of the PC Users Group (ACT) Incorporated will be held at the Grant Cameron Community Centre Conference Room, 27 Mulley Street HOLDER ACT 2611. Doors open at 7:00 PM for a commencement at 7:30 PM.


 The monthly meetings are free. Members, friends and the public are invited to attend. Don’t rush home after the meeting! Stay for coffee, tea, biscuits and good company. It’s all free! Renew acquaintances, meet new people and ask those questions you didn’t get a chance to ask at the meeting! Membership inquiries are welcomed! Email inquiries to or phone 02-6287-2922.

Previous Meetings


September 2010

"Christmas Lights & Sound" presented by Allan Hepworth
includes a summary and invitation to see Allan's 2010 de-lights!
August 2010

"Members' Applications and Utilities Demonstrations" moderated by Mike Dinn
July 2010

"Picasa" with Mike Boesen
Link to PDF slides used at the presentation.

June 2010

postponed until July
May 2010

"Gadget Night" with Mike Dinn
Link to PDF slides used at the presentation.

April 2010

"Medalling in Defence: demonstrating database applications which facilitate the dispatch of medals being issued" with Peter Barker
March 2010

"Moving Pictures - an Introduction to Digital Video" with Leonard Low
(click on link to access powerpoint slides with some web-links used to illustrate points during the presentation)
February 2010

Link to PDF slides used at the presentation.


November 2009

"Cyberspace and Crime" with John Broome. Link to PDF slides used at the presentation.
October 2009

PCUG AGM & Presentation from Deafness Resource Centre with Jack White
September 2009

"Online Resources and Family History Programs" with Julie Hesse
(Computer Manager of the Heraldry and Genealogy Society)
August 2009

'Aspects of Photography when Holidaying - Contrasting the Fundamentals of Digital and Film Photography (Jeff Colwell)
July 2009

"Playing with Fire" presented by David and Linda (Rathgeber) Nicholls, joint authors of a book on the Macromedia Fireworks 4 software. Please click here to access the link to the tutorials online used at the presentation, along with other interesting tutorials.
June 2009

Zen and the Art of Databases, with Peter Barker.
May 2009

(no presentation this month)
April 2009

Backing Up Drives and Data Using Acronis True Image, with Mike Boesen and Terry Bibo. Please click here to access post meeting information about the presentation.
March 2009

Windows7, with Andrew Miles
February 2009

Wild Beasts Captured on African Safari, with Graham Paul.

November 2008

"Johnny boy's Walkabout Blog"  with John Evans
October 2008

1. "Getting to places google can't find - the hidden web revealed" with Eleanor Whelan. Follow-up notes from presentation (pdf file)
3. PCUG Volunteer of the Year for 2008 awared to Muriel Bromley Marsh
September 2008

August 2008

The Silicon Kid  (Matthew Purcel)
July 2008

No Meeting
June 2008

Healthy Computer Practices (Janine Robertson) & Access Database (Philip Veerman)
May 2008

ABC Radio Interactive Website
April 2008

March 2008

Audacity Sample Workshop, with Basil McMillan.
mmm info brochure (pdf)

Basil's presentation notes: (ppt 1.8MB) (pdf 938k)
Overview of PCUG Training, with Ann Byrne.
February 2008

Digital Imaging with Jeff Colwell

November 2007

Finn Blucher from Novell, presented
October 2007

PCUG AGM & 'Your Questions Answered' Q&A Panel
September 2007

Microsoft Office 2007 (Denise Holehouse, a Solution Specialist  with Microsoft Australia)
August 2007

Linux Open SUSE 10.2 (Chris Gacesa)  Presentation  Notes (PDF File) 1.56Mb download
July 2007

Microsoft VISTA (Derek Moir)     Presentation Notes (PDF File) 772k download
June 2007

Apollo and the ACT (John Saxon & Mike Dinn)  John's Presentation Notes (PDF File) 4Mb download  Mike's Presentation Notes (PDF File) 4Mb download
May 2007

Norton 360 All-In-One Security (David Hall & Natalie Conor)
April 2007
  Vista - cancelled with apologies due to illness. Presentation to be rescheduled
March 2007
  Preventative Maintenance for Windows PCs (Mike Boesen)
November 2006
  A Use for a Pentium100 (Rod Peters) and Security for YOUR PC (Terry Bibo)
October 2006
  Special General Meeting and Annual General Meeting. Meeting Outline. Minutes from Meetings
September 2006
   PICASA (with Mike Boesen) Mike has put the notes on his site, so that anyone can access the pdf file directly from this page:
August 2006

July 2006

Q&A Session, SIG Info, Training Overview
June 2006

VOIP (Voice Over IP) and Fileserver with Mathew Smith (from IBM)
May 2006

Microsoft Australia enlightened us about VISTA
April 2006

The PANDORA Archive
March 2006
  Electronic voting and counting for ACT Legislative Assembly election
February 2006
  Home PC Security in a Windows XP environment - Andrew Miles of Microsoft
PDF of Andrew's Presentation
November 2005
  Flight Simulator
October 2005
  Annual General Meeting
September 2005
  Free Software - From A to Z
August 2005
  The Silicon Kid
July 2005
  Voice Recognition Software & PICASA2
June 2005
  Digital Photography
May 2005
  PC Checkup - How To Keep Ypour PC Healthy
April 2005
  Backups and Spyware Destroyers
March 2005
  Why Is Linux and Open Source Software Rapidly Gaining a Huge Following in Personal Computing?
February 2005
  Free Software Development Methology


  Trials of an Editor - David Kidd editor of Australian PC Authority
October   Home Automation and Introducing Linux
September   Annual General Meeting - Election Results
August   Cheaper, More Accessible Software - Open Source Software
July   NET PROFIT: Investing on the Internet
June   Genealogy: Sleuthing the Past
May   The PCUG Air Show
April   What you Need to Know about Viruses


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Holder  ACT  2611
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